Coumadin and food

You can see in the Video: Corona-Transfer – how dangerous public toilets are?

Several times already was found in Corona-studies of virus material in human excreta. Makes the toilets when flushing to fling Viruses? A specific Detail could be crucial.

Toilets, especially public – could be among the Risk types for a Corona-infection. A study by Chinese scientists suggests that, at least, the results of which was published in the journal “Physics of Fluids”. The researchers studied how small particles distribute in the flush of a toilet in the air. It is possible that Virus-loaded Aerosol-clouds are breathed in by other people, close. Previous studies had already shown that the stools of Infected Coronavirus may contain living viruses, however, were found only very rarely. The physicists from the University of Yangzhou used detailed computer models, the water and air currents to draw that arise in the rinsing with different toilet types. Therefore be inhaled produced in the toilet vortex, which is in the Form of Aerosol clouds over the bowl and continued up to a height of almost one Meter, where you are or on surfaces could settle. The solution was simply to close: lift the seat before flushing.