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You can see in the Video: An Alpaca named Tyson helps in the search for a Corona vaccine.

Worldwide, scientists are researching a vaccine against the Coronavirus and this Alpaca by the name of Tyson helps you. Swedish scientists have isolated a Virus components, vaccinated and antibodies from his blood. These so-called Nano-antibodies could contribute to finding a therapy or a vaccination, says microbiologist Gerald McInerney of the Karolinska Institute. O-TON GERALD MCINERNEY, micro-biologist: “We have examined the immune response in Tysons cells, and these so-called Nano-antibodies found. They are very small, to connect but still very fast with the Protein of the Virus. We have found a type that blocks the infection actually be effective.” The researchers are using alpacas as they have a unique immune system. In the case of infections, they make up, like other camels, sharks special Nano-antibodies, which can then be used in the laboratory with the help of micro-organisms in large quantities. O-TON GERALD MCINERNEY, micro-biologist: “We know that the antibodies that dock to the exact same location of the Virus, are important. These antibodies we have produced with Tysons antibody. In principle, all the evidence indicates that this also works in the human body. It is very complex and, therefore, we want to make more experiments.” Next, the scientists want to test the Nano-antibodies in mice or Hamsters. The steps after that are still completely open. Until a usable vaccine or medication is available, it is still a long way off.