What you can do for a bladder infection

Many women notice the first signs of what’s coming: the abdomen is swollen, it burns and stings when urinating and after using the toilet, one has the feeling, directly again. The symptoms of cystitis are usually very unpleasant.

Then that means: drink Plenty of fluids, keep warm, and in the worst case, have to take antibiotics. Approximately every tenth woman at least once in the year a bladder infection. Half of these women suffer within a year, under a further. Men are less frequently affected.

But why is it so? And how can I protect myself from a bladder infection? The most important questions and answers:

What exactly is a bladder infection is?

In an uncomplicated cystitis, the mucous membrane of the urinary inflamed bladder. The inflammation is usually caused by bacteria, which ascend through the urethra into the bladder and multiply there.

From a complicated bladder infection is when there is an increased risk of complications – mostly in men, people with a weakened immune system or with already damaged kidneys are not the case. Then the bacteria can ascend into the kidneys, and a very painful renal pelvis to cause inflammation with fever, Nausea and vomiting.

In men, a urinary tract infection is also associated frequently with inflammation of the prostate. The physician must examine the patient, therefore, also to the effect.

How do I know if I have a bladder infection?

The following symptoms indicate acute cystitis:

  • it burns and stings when water,
  • the urine is cloudy, discolored, and smells striking; in rare cases,blood is to see
  • the abdomen hurts and is swollen,
  • constant urge to urinate, the toilet only a few drops come still,
  • some women have trouble holding on to the urine,
  • some feel sick, run down and irritable,
  • more rarely, the Affected fever and chills,
  • the pain can also radiate to the back.

If some of these symptoms apply, you should consult a doctor who takes a sample of your urine and on appropriate bacteria studied. The physician can then exclude in the rule, that it is a complicated cystitis.

Goes away a bladder infection by itself again?

In the case of one third to one half of women, cure bladder from inflammation without antibiotics within a week. It is important to drink a lot during this time (about three litres a day) to keep warm and to empty the bladder pressure.

As long as the infection is limited to the bladder can treat the Affected with the active ingredients, Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. According to a study from the year 2015, 70 percent of women who took Ibuprofen revenues were, after a week complaint-free.

Often cranberry are recommended products to treat a bladder infection, or prevent. The scientific data on this subject, however, is not clear.

If the discomfort does not subside or pain in the flanks noticeable, be sure to consult your doctor. Most waste of this rubs an antibiotic, with the very fast alleviation. The family doctor is usually the first point of contact. In the case of complications or recurrent infections, a urologist should be consulted.

Why am I so often a bladder infection?

For many women cystitis is a one-time thing. Others suffer again and again the complaints. There are many reasons, an important role in predisposition and hormonal balance play.

That women are affected much more often than men, is partly due to the fact that the urethra opening and Anus lie close to each other, and so the gut bacteria more easily into the urethra can get. The female urethra is four centimeters in length is also about 14 inches shorter than the man.

Pregnant women get more bladder infections. Also after the menopause and the pill can change vaginal flora and germs can multiply easily. People who wear a bladder catheter are at an increased risk in addition, people with anatomical changes in the urinary tract area, with Diabetes mellitus, Multiple sclerosis, or urological disorders, such as irritable bladder. In addition, the most frequently sexually active women are affected.

Is it true that you can get from Sex with a bladder infection?

Sexual intercourse increases the risk for a bladder infection, because intestinal bacteria can easily get into the urethra and an infection can cause. This is mostly uropathogene E. coli (UPEC), which have developed special skills for Survival in the bladder.

Sperm-killing contraceptive creams and gels, and diaphragms can disrupt the vaginal flora and the risk of something increase. This is also true for coated condoms, however, can keep the condoms without the use of chemical additives, certain bacteria remote.

Doctors speak of a “Honeymoon cystitis” – which means as much as “honeymoon cystitis”, which occurs after the Sex. Affected can also be women, the frequently changing sex partners. The guideline on urinary tract infections by the German society for urology, the Rate rises to infections with the Rate of genital contacts by up to 60 times. Whether the emptying of the bladder after Sex can help prevent a bladder infection, has not been proven.

Sitting on the cold floor of a bladder infection?

For decades, it is: skirts, thin tights and tight underwear may increase the risk of cystitis. But is this true? Cooling alone cannot cause a bladder infection, that’s for sure. An infection occurs when germs get into the urethra.

However, should protect women, who are sensitive for infections of the urinary tract, from the cold, so feet to keep warm, and not too long on cold floors sit. Because cold weakens the immune system and increases the risk for inflammation.

How can I prevent cystitis?

Women who suffer frequent cystitis, can pay attention in everyday life, what favors you have a bladder infection. If these triggers can not be shut off and the bladder infections still occur frequently, there is also the possibility to take medication to prevent: A daily, preventive use of the antibiotic Nitrofurantoin urinary tract infections avoids according to studies, the best.

Also, herbal supplements can help. Cranberry products, Mannose, nasturtium herb, watercress herb and horseradish root or bearberry is said to have a preventive effect (read more here).

Also without drugs you can protect yourself a bit from infection. For example, keeping warm. In the summer it is especially true in susceptible persons, after the Swim, the wet bathing suit just to pull off. Then the body cools down is not so strong.