Vitamin D helps against side effects of cancer therapy

New research results show that the intake of Vitamin D can contribute to the preparations to inflammation of the bowels prevent in a cancer immune therapy. In two groups of patients, more than half of a Vitamin-D intake benefited in each case.

Immune-Checkpoint inhibitors to help the immune system to recognize cancer cells and to fight. As a side-effect can occur however severe intestinal inflammation, leading in some cases to the life-saving medications need to be discontinued. To prevent this, doctors patients already treated before starting such therapy with Vitamin D preparations. 213 skin cancer patients developed 37 (17 percent), an intestinal inflammation. Among those, the Vitamin D revenues, the probability to 65 percent.

This observation has been verified in another group of 169 patients, of whom 49 (29 percent) by the cancer therapy bowel inflammation got. In this group the use of Vitamin D reduced the side-effect rate of 54 percent.

Further studies with Vitamin D nötig

Dr. Osama Rahma from Harvard Medical School in Boston hopes that it comes &quot to further studies:;Vitamin D supplementation should be further tested to determine whether it is a safe, easily accessible and cost-effective approach to the prevention of the gastrointestinal side effects of the immune therapy in cancer patients."

The idea for this strategy, the Team was because other studies had shown that Vitamin D diseases of the immune system in autoimmune and inflammatory bowel disease can affect. Although intestinal inflammation of the most common and most serious side effects of a cancer-immune therapy, we still know little about how to prevent them.