Bacterium makes it resistant to Stress

Scientists have found a bacterium that one day, as "Anti-Stress-Impfstoff" from the harmful effects of Stress could protect. When mice with these killed bacteria were inoculated, prevented the Occurrence of stress-related reactions in the animals. Now the person in charge of part of the bacteria was found.

The innocuous bacterium called Mycobacterium vaccae that lives in the ground and excited not diseases. Nevertheless, it could be for the medicine to be important, because mice were protected by injection with these killed bacteria from the harmful effects of Stress.

The contact with bacteria in the soil could be good for us. This is linked to the adoption of the "old Freunde" that assumes that man has developed, together with a number of useful micro-organisms, and the lack of engagement with them will lead to allergies and autoimmune diseases. "The idea is that people who have moved from farms and to a life as a farmer, or hunters and gatherers in the cities, have lost contact with organisms that regulate our immune system and inappropriate inflammation unterdrücken", the neuro-endocrinologist Christopher Lowry explains. "As a result, we are exposed to a higher risk for inflammatory diseases, and stress of psychiatric disorders."

Lowry speculated that the discovery could help a "Anti-Stress-Impfstoff" to develop, the people in extreme professions, for example, before post-traumatic stress disorder protects. Whether the positive aspects of the bacteria in humans, has yet to be demonstrated.