Traffic noise at night is particularly dangerous

Noise makes you ill. A new study now shows that, in particular, a disturbed night’s sleep increases the risk of a cardiovascular-developed disease. The results of the work are in the current issue of the journal "Annual Review of Public Health" published.

Who is sleeping due to traffic or aircraft noise at night too little or frequent waking up, is the development of a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. A Team of scientists at the Mainz University medical center, the cancer Institute of Denmark and the Swiss tropical and Public Health Institute, who had investigated reports of how noise night on the cardiovascular System has.

As the study showed, in particular, increases night-time noise, blood pressure, secretion of stress hormones and makes the vessels stiffer &ndash be increases; all of which are important influence factors on the emergence of cardiovascular diseases. If the patient already has a heart disease, it was noted, in particular, by the night flight noise-induced vascular damage is much more pronounced. Also medically relevant mental disorders such as Depression and anxiety disorders, which can occur due to nighttime noise.

Näsmall Lärm brings the internal clock from the clock

The authors of the study demand that the noise is recognized as an important risk factor for the cardiovascular System. "A perspective view of the policy and the respective decision-makers should encourage the provision of on-the-spot to the fact that the legally defined night time bleibt&quot from 22.00 to 06.00 p.m., free of the noise;, study author Professor Dr. Thomas Münzel, Director of the cardiology I at the centre for cardiology of the University medical center Mainz says.

Harmful to the health of nocturnal noise is mainly because it interferes with the precise inner clock of our body. This in turn regulates numerous functions and controls depending on the time of day approximately the body temperature, blood pressure, and memory, as also the appetite, the energy or the numerous hormones and the immune system.