Losing weight with Diabetes: What diet is best?

For many type 2 diabetics weight loss is an important issue. Whether you succeed depends heavily on the chosen food concept. Elisabeth Höfler, nutrition expert of the German Diabetes society (DDG), presents two promising variants.

Höfler is recommended in either the energy-reduced mixed diet, or the far without carbs, also known as a Low-Carb go. It is important to select the right concept, because you have to eventually keep for many months. Therefore, the question is: What is the concept fit to me is at the beginning of any Diet?

Low Carb or lower in calories?

I get along with a little bread, I like to eat vegetables very much? These two points are in Low Carb is crucial. "We often have patients who können&quot a Breakfast or dinner without bread is not present;, Höfler reported. In this case, Low Carb is not out of the question.

So does Low Carb: vegetables forms the Basis – between 750 and 1000 grams per day it must be, to satisfy the Hunger. "Saturation can be verschaffen&quot in Low Carb only about vegetables;, stresses Höfler. For the carbohydrate giant bread, potatoes, pasta and rice is Just under 120 grams per day are allowed. As a source of Protein lean meats and a lot of cold water fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, and tuna are.

Sweet is Low Carb, only exceptionally on the menu once a week about a small piece of fruit cake. To satiate the appetite for Sweet foods, advises nutrition expert to chopped fruit in cottage cheese or yogurt mixed with sweetener.

How it works energy reduced mixed diet: this takes between 500 and 800 calories per day less than the body for basal metabolic rate plus exercise. In the case of a Desk activity with little movement, for example, the requirement is 1800 to 2000 calories a day. "Here, a target value of 1500 calories empfehlenswert", Höfler says. Less not should it be, as you otherwise in danger, too little of vitamins and mineral substances.

Food is allowed in principle, everything that fits in the calorie budget. The appears sometimes, but it is easier than it actually is: "A finished pizza can cover the entire day, so be sure to size and covering achten", Höfler says. Tip of the diet expert: Instead of Pizza filling, deep-frozen fish dishes to choose, which contain only 500 to 800 calories. Otherwise, in the case of lettuce, vegetables and lean meat plenty of access.

Für ten kilograms of weight loss plan a year

Who relies on one of two concepts that will successfully lose weight. It is also advisable to control the diet of success once per week, preferably always at the same time. "Initially 500 grams to a Kilo of weight loss per week realistisch&quot are;, Höfler says. Then Stagnation sets in, usually, but not frustration &ndash must control; Perseverance is called for. Anyone who wants to lose more than ten pounds healthy and sustainable, would have to schedule a year.


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