Relationship: Many people always choose the same type

Who has just ended a difficult relationship, is maybe to try it next Time with a different character types. Social psychologists have found, however, that this may be easier said than done: A recent study shows that people often take again and again, relationships to people with similar personalities.

On the basis of data of a multi-year study on couples and families, analyzed by scientists from the University of Toronto, the personalities of current and former partners of 332 persons. In the process, they found clear Similarities in the properties of the various partners of a people: the evaluation of The answers revealed that the current partners were similar overall, the Ex-partners, such as the researchers in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" reports.

"When a relationship ends, the people, the separation is often on the personality of your Ex-partner and decide that you want a different type of Person brauchen", the author of the Study Yoobin Park said. "Our research suggests, however, that there is a strong tendency, however, of a similar personality to select."

But that need not be a disadvantage, because in any relationship, people learn strategies to deal with the personality of your partner to deal. This could be a new Partner with similar characteristics is a base to build on, scientists believe.