Men: Online game addiction the brain?

In contrast to women, is altered in men who are addicted to Play Online, the brain activity. In particular MRI scans you have information on reduced pulse were observed in control.

The brain activity at rest was compared in 32 game addict men and 23 women with healthy individuals. This showed that a region of the brain for impulse control is responsible, in men with computer game addiction is less active. In the case of addicted women, this was not the case.

"It is still unclear whether the functional and structural changes in the brain, which can be found looking at the Online game, caused by the Play or signs of a larger vulnerability sind", Dr. Yawen Sun, Department of radiology, Ren Ji hospital of the University of medicine in Shanghai. says Since the impulse control in the development of Online game addiction plays an important role, tend to be young men of the Doctor, more likely to experiment with pathological Internet use than young women.

The use of the Internet is an important part of daily life for adolescents and young adults and has increased in the last few decades. Loss of control is a Problem that occurs in the world. Computer game is a disease, which is associated with compulsive gambling loss of other interests. This can have a negative impact on work, school, or relationships of Affected individuals, since these do not have to spend a lot of time and withdrawal symptoms when you are playing.


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