Immune system strengthen: to make winterfest

With the wet cold weather, in the dark Season of the year, a wave of colds and flu approach rolls out reliably every year. Vitamins, sports, Sauna – what strengthens the immune system and helps to keep viruses at Bay?

Hände wash

80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands, informed the Federal centre for health education. When shaking hands, using doorknobs, handrails of stairs, and often used, but rarely cleaned objects, we come up with viruses in contact with it. "With excellent hands the risk of respiratory diseases could wash up to 45 percent werden&quot reduced;, Dr. Ernst Tabori, Infection logs and Medical Director at the German Advisory centre for Hygiene says. To protect yourself, wash it once in a his hands thoroughly, ideally for half a Minute. Also the hand the tips of the fingers, not to forget the in-between spaces and the finger nails are back! Soap is also important: Clear water alone is not enough to remove germs.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is regarded as a true miracle cure for colds. Kiwi, Orange, lemon &amp can; Co help, colds, ward off or to get back on their feet quickly? The scientists do not show in this question agreed. So far, reliable clinical studies on the effect of Vitamin C against infections. Vitamin C proved in laboratory and animal numerous positive effects on the immune system and an inhibitory effect on rhinovirus try. They are considered to be the main responsible pathogens in case of sniffles or colds. The findings can, however, not necessarily transmitted to humans.

One of the last systematic investigations dates back to the year 2013. In this case, the use of 200 mm was analyzed grams of Vitamin C per day. The authors of the Cochrane Collaboration found two groups that benefit from a preventive intake of Vitamin C. For a very physically active people. To the other people who were in extreme cold. Experts suggest that Vitamin C can shorten the duration of illness slightly. Rather than unlikely, that a regular intake of Vitamin reduces the risk of a cold.

Flu vaccination

The Flu epidemic in the Winter of 2017/2018 was, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, is extraordinarily difficult. "Vaccination is the most important Schutzmaßnahme", Lothar H. Wieler, President of the RKI stresses. "No other vaccination is more life in this country to save." The best Impfmonate for at-risk groups in October and November. Also in December it is worth, the vaccination of catching up to do. In General, it takes about two to four weeks, until the protection has fully developed. The risk groups include people over 60, Pregnant women and the chronically Ill such as diabetics and asthmatics. Also medical and nursing staff, experts advise vaccination.

Without the Prick have been vaccinated in the past years, especially children with a Flu through the nose. Professor Dr. Erika Baum, family doctor and President of the DEGAM (German society for General medicine and family medicine), however, declares: "Recent studies have shown that the intranasal application is as a vaccination for children is less effective than the injected vaccine. Today, the Four-fold is recommended vaccine to a broad spectrum of Influenza viruses target."

Wäwarmth, rest, fresh air

The cold rises slowly in the body is high, does a hot bath. Otherwise, you can treat yourself and ideally a lot of sleep and rest. And a lot of &ndash drink; the best water and warm tea. Also when the body is regenerated, he is in need of a bit of exercise and fresh air. Therefore, it’s easy, nice and warm in the own four walls for a leisurely walk in nature Packed up to leave.

Anyone who drives regularly in sports or in the Finnish Sauna, it can reduce its susceptibility to cold-related diseases. This is a must have found out, among other things, Korean researchers from the University College of Medicine in Seoul.

Vitamins and minerals

People need healthy food – and the best every day. Especially in cold times of a well – balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain and milk products is worth it. It provides the body with valuable vitamins and minerals. Important for the metabolism and assist in the defense against common cold viruses: the trace element zinc. It plays an essential role in protein metabolism and cell division. Zinc is present in small quantities in the body and must therefore be included through the food. Good zinc suppliers are meat for instance, fish and seafood, but also oatmeal or nuts. In addition, there are appropriate preparations in the pharmacy.

Also, Vitamin D is believed to strengthen the immune system. There is, for example, in herring, Avocados, or veal. To zinc, the who – or Vitamin-D preparations to attack, should leave in advance by the doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Medicinal plants

Many medicinal plants such as sage, plantain, ivy, thyme, primrose, and elderflower help to relieve Cold symptoms. In the pharmacy there is a great selection. There, you will be pleased to advise whether a tea, an ointment, a cold and flu bath, or special extracts. "To Bett" the motto is, if a cold is coming. Who feels violently ill and misery, to the best of his house, a doctor, in order to detect a real flu in a timely manner.

Gabriele Brähler

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