I was in a panic: a man on a Brexit-psychosis sufferers

He suffered from delusions, was scared, restless, and heard voices: In the UK a man is short of Brexit vote on 24. June 2016, a psychosis, ill. The treating physician believes that this is no mere coincidence – but that the election result has contributed to the disease. “Political events can trigger considerable mental Stress and mental health affect”, writes Mohammad Zia Ul Haq Kathsu of the University of Nottingham in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”. This applies, in particular, in the case of people who were already ill, even mentally, or other risk factors.

What was concretely done?

The Patient – a man in his forties – was taken three weeks after the EU-Referendum in the emergency room of a hospital in. He seemed confused and upset, I heard voices and suffered from delusions. His wife reported that her husband had started after the Brexit option to spend a lot of time in social networks. There, he exchanged views with other people about his thoughts and expressed his displeasure over the political events. He began to make increasingly concerned about racist Attacks and slept hardly any. A doctor prescribed him anti-depressants and a sleep medication, but the symptoms did not improve. On the contrary: The father of a family, it went progressively worse.

He developed paranoid delusions, and believed that other people would spy on him and kill want. One day he saw two women and thought you were the same Person. As he began to throw objects around, brought him and his family in the emergency room. There he sat on the floor and tried the ground with his hands, “dig up”. He claimed to want as quickly as possible to escape. “I was terrified”, said the man in the journal.

The Doctors diagnosed an acute psychotic disorder, whose symptoms of schizophrenia are similar to, but less than a month passed. The man was hospitalised, psychiatrically treated and received olanzapine, a neuroleptic. In the course of treatment, the man said he was ashamed to be a Brit. He talked about his family and said that she was “multi-cultural”. In an interview, he said: “I have looked at the electoral map for the EU. I’m in a constituency that reflects an opinion is just that I can’t identify.”

Stressful life events can psychoses favor

The man was diagnosed 13 years earlier, a psychotic Episode, but not as strong and after a few days under treatment subsided. From possible triggers of work-related stress was identified. In the run-up to the new Episode of the man had not reported about problems at work that seemed to him, according to his wife, however, particularly to employees. He also had to suffer from private print and on its care of children. It is conceivable that the private and occupational Stress could have played a role in the development of the newer psychosis, writes Mohammad Zia Ul Haq Kathsu. The main stressor seems to be in this case, however, the Brexit to be a choice – not least because the event is for the man of such great importance.

Neurosurgeon sues hospital

The doctor must let the Patient on the operating table, and will be terminated without notice