Dentist appointment: it is Better in the morning or in the afternoon?

In terms of possible pain, is the best time for a dentist appointment in the early afternoon. Because then there are two advantages:

  • To a you feel during this section, less pain – at least about 15 PM.
  • On the other hand act narcotics in the afternoon, a good three times longer than early in the morning.

That the sensation of pain in the early afternoon is at its lowest and narcotics no longer work, is located on the internal clock of the people or the day-night rhythm (circadian rhythm), which the body is subject to. To circulate this time, more pain-inflammatory messenger substances in the blood.

Pain in the course of a day:

  • Tooth pain in the morning to eight at the most.
  • The General pain is to feel
    • in the morning to 10 at the most,
    • in the afternoon, then only a third as strong.

    The internal clock regulates when we feel ripe for the bed, but also numerous other processes. For this reason, for example, medicines not to any time of the day and equally as well absorbed by the body, so that the correct dose at the usual time for the optimal effect may play a role. For this, the time of day effect of fluctuations in the there is even an own field of research – the Chrono pharmacology.


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