Convinced Doctors to alleviate pain more effectively

If the doctor is competent, empathic and convincing impact on the effectiveness of a treatment. This applies even if it is in the administered drug to a Placebo and the doctor is no real doctor. A recent study from the Dartmouth College in the United States.

According to the new study, published in the journal Nature, Human Behavior, does the therapy better, if the doctor expresses to the patient the expectation that the treatment will be successful.

Were involved in the study, neither doctors, nor was there effective medication: to examine the social dynamics that played study participants, the role of Doctors and patients. You should to evaluate the efficacy of two different colored ointments for pain due to heat, which contained, however, both only Vaseline. Prior to the interaction with the "Patienten" each &quot was;Arzt" on the properties of the two creams informed and you believe that the one with the name "Thermedol" more effective than the control. This Belief gave the "Ärzte" to your "Patienten" further, the complained then about less pain, if you have been pestered with heat. Their reactions, facial expression, and stress responses suggested that they felt less pain.

"These results show how subtle social interactions, the clinical results can affect. However, more studies are required to see how this in a real clinical context auswirkt", Luke J. Chang, assistant Professor of psychology and brain Sciences at Dartmouth, said.