Children: Bad air charged to the Psyche

Three new studies by scientists at the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati to show the relationship between air pollution and mental health of children. Also a short-term loading with fine dust had already had a negative impact on the Psyche.

In a study showed that children were taken one to two days after an increased burden from fine dust is more common in the psychiatric emergency room of a children’s hospital. "This work is the first that States a connection between the daily level of air pollution and psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and suicide in children zeigt", Dr. Cole Brokamp of the Department of biostatistics and epidemiology the children’s hospital in Cincinnati, says. In addition, children from areas with high levels of poverty were even more vulnerable to the negative effects of air pollutants. This let Brokamp, according to suggest that air pollution and adverse neighborhood conditions, enhancing may have end effects on mental health.

The researchers have published this year, two further studies, which also bring air pollution with the mental health of children: 12-Year-olds was associated with traffic-related air pollution during Childhood with depression and anxiety disorders. In another study, in the case of a high load of fine dust increased inflammation have been detected markers in the brain of children.

"Taken together, these studies contribute to a growing number of Evidence that air pollution early in life to depression, anxiety and other mental problems kann", summarizes the study’s author, Dr. Patrick Ryan.



DOI 10.1289/EHP4815 DOI 10.1016/j. envres.2019.03.005 DOI 10.1016/j. envres.2019.05.009

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