Hailee Steinfeld’s Elaborate Knit Dress Can’t Hide Her Amazing Legs

Hailee Steinfeld is a defacto fitness influencer simply by virtue of stepping onto the red carpet, thanks to her trainer dad.

The incredibly in-shape star shows off her toned quads, calves and full legs as well as her sculpted biceps, triceps, shoulders and arms in nearly every dress she wears. And when the “Back to Life” singer wears workout gear or a crop top, her tight waist and six-pack abs are truly impressive.

Maybe the Oscar nominee’s fit frame is no surprise due to the fact that her father, Peter, is a personal trainer. “He’s a great motivator,” she told Us in April 2018. But the star of the Transformers franchise flick Bumblebee still has to put in the hard work at their exercise sessions! About five times a week, the action star does circuit workouts — which she’s told Us are comprised of “high-intensity training with a combination of resistance and cardio.”

Scroll through to get more of the super healthy actresses’ best celebrity workout and diet tips — and see how the sweat sessions of one of Hollywood’s fittest and most stylish stars benefit her fashion choices!

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