Bursting firecrackers? Here are tips for a safe Diwali

Diwali 2018: In case your kids are bursting firecrackers, here’s how you can ensure their safety. 

By Mansi Jain

Diwali is a harbinger of joy and zeal. But what excites children the most are fireworks. However, they must be careful when lighting the crackers to avoid any mishap. So, here are some smart tips for parents to ensure safe handling of crackers.

Buy from a licensed shop

Make sure you buy the crackers from licensed dealers. Also, check the brand and do not buy cheap crackers. Not just this, consider the age of your baby before buying crackers. Ensuring the safety of your children should be your priority, so do not compromise there.

Burst crackers in an open space

Never burst crackers in a congested space. Try to gather in an open space which has no inflammatory items around. Also, avoid keeping the stock of fireworks close to where you’re bursting crackers, to avoid it going off accidentally.

Use incense sticks

Instead of lighting a matchbox each time, use an incense stick. It helps to give some buffer time to step back from the cracker before it bursts.

Never leave the child alone

Do not leave your child alone while he/she is bursting the crackers. Accompany them and ask them to be careful. Make sure an elder is always with your child.

Cover your mouth

One must avoid burning crackers as they lead to various respiratory and breathing problems. However, if you are still burning them, make sure to cover your mouths properly with a mask.

Keep water and sand around

Sand helps to extinguish fire faster than water. So, fill your buckets with sand and some with water to stay prepared for any sort of mishap.

Wear glasses

The smoke and pollution from crackers harms our eyes. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to cover one’s eyes by wearing an anti-glare glass. It is easily available in the market or even online too.

Stand at a distance

Make sure your child never stares into a cracker while lighting it. Maintain a considerable distance from the cracker to avoid the flare, which could potentially harm your little one and you. Also, never try to light a used cracker.

Wear cotton clothes

Dress your child in the lightest clothes. Avoid wearing nylon material as it’s easily inflammable. Also, make sure your kids are wearing shoes while handling the crackers.

Keep a first-aid kit handy

One should always stay prepared for any danger. So, keep the first-aid kit handy with ointments like Burnol, Dettol, etc.

Besides this, in case of a burn or an injury, pour some cold water on the wound for at least 10 minutes. One must rush to the doctor without any delay. Also, if your little one feels irritation in the eyes, wash with cold water and pour some eyedrops.

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