Turmeric and ginger act as a cold medicine

The use of spices and hot drinks may act like a cold-medicine – to stop symptoms of SARS and to suppress the virus in the initial stages of the disease. In the winter, experts recommend to go easy on the turmeric, ginger and other spices.

Doctor Victoria Savitskaya advised to maintain immunity and as an assistant in the treatment of colds daily use of turmeric. In the cold season, according to experts, spices in General and turmeric in particular help to regulate body temperature and suffer from the chills, as well as to resist viruses and strengthen the immune system.

Effects of turmeric can be quite comparable with the effect of cold medicine. This spice affects people with the infection as mild antibiotic.

“Helps to cure cough and other unpleasant symptoms. A very simple recipe -a teaspoon of turmeric stirred in a glass of warm milk and drink several times a day. This drink kills the bacteria, draws out mucus, helps cough up phlegm and increases the body’s resistance to diseases”, – said the expert.
Savitskaya was recommended to add turmeric and other spices in different dishes and drinks – this will improve blood circulation and activates the elimination of toxins from viruses and bacteria. Thus, for example adding cocoa cinnamon may improve blood circulation, enhance sweating.

In addition, a peculiar remedy for colds is ginger. At the first sign of the disease, according to doctors, should be every 3-4 hours, drink warm tea with honey, lemon and fresh root. This drink increases blood circulation, makes breathing easier and promotes rapid recovery in case of colds. Turmeric, ginger, mixture of peppers and other spices, he said, contain huge amounts of minerals and antioxidants, and substances that are actively fighting off viruses.

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