Persimmon helps with pain in the heart

In persimmon fruit contains a lot of potassium, and to use this fruit is very useful to cores. Persimmon helps with pain in the heart and its effect is comparable to the drugs prescribed for pain in the heart, reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

People with heart problems should be sure to have the persimmon, its consumption helps this category of people to be better protected from sudden deterioration of health in connection with the instability pressure.

“If you periodically disturbed pain in the heart area, make it a rule every day in the season to eat one or two persimmons, and you will be able to get rid of this problem,” said the doctor.
Also, according to him, the persimmon shown to all who suffer from varicose disease, is excess cholesterol.

In the persimmon contains large amounts of natural magnesium, which helps to maintain the health of the cardiac system. In addition, the magnesium makes the persimmon a means cleanse the kidneys: its use reduces ristorazione stones in the kidney excretes excess water and salt sodium. Thus the persimmon helps to prevent hypertension and swelling.

“In its influence on the heart of the persimmon is similar to the valokardin, but it is softer and does not require prior consultation with the doctor,” said Savitskaya.
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