Alcohol provokes baldness: 6 arguments

Alcohol can harm not only the heart and liver, but and hair. Academic experts can give several arguments that the love of alcoholic beverages can cause the development of baldness.

Argument 1: dehydration. Alcohol always provokes dehydration, and the degree increases in proportion to the amount of drinking. The main component of alcohol, the ethanol is broken down in the body only with the participation of water, and in the processing of alcohol in precious moisture is lost. This leads to problems of skin, lose of hair follicles.

Argument 2: failure of acid-base balance. To reduce acidity, the growth of which is triggered by alcohol, the body uses the protein keratin. This protein is involved in the formation of hair. Drinking provokes a deficiency of keratin in the hair which makes the hair lifeless and not a man prone to baldness.

Argument 3: the preservatives. Many alcoholic drinks contain preservatives, these chemical substances sometimes are damaging to the internal structure of the hair.

Argument 4: lack of nutrients. Sometimes the alcohol replaces food, you may develop a deficiency of vitamins and nutrients not obtained from food. In addition, the alcohol provokes damage to the liver and other organs, affecting the metabolism and digestion and can also lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that affect the condition of the hair.

Argument 5: hormones. Alcohol can worsen sleep quality and have a detrimental effect on hormonal balance, which also leads to baldness.

Argument 6: the toxins. The breakdown of alcohol by the body is invariably associated with increased levels of toxins in it. The condition of the skin, including the scalp, may be affected very much. Skin problems provoke breach in follicles – hair follicles, which may develop baldness.

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