Why High Intensity Pilates Is The Latest Fitness Trend You Need To Try

We all love Pilates, don’t we? The strong glutes, the improved posture, the powerful abdominal connection, the way it makes us feel. But, some of us need to get our heart rate right up for both our physical and mental health and traditional Pilates can be a little gentler than that. So, Chloe de Winter (AKA Go Chlo Pilates) created a new class. And people are obsessed.

What is High Intensity Pilates (HIP)?

Imagine all the core principles of Pilates, but with a little spice from high intensity exercise bursts. Think lunges, squats and kicks that lift your heart rate and give you those post exercise endorphins. Now think lunges, squats and kicks that are done with instructions on foot placement, knee alignment and specific muscle activation, all backed by the knowledge that Chloe developed in her years practicing as a Physiotherapist. Now you’ve got Go Chlo Pilates.

This sort of understanding, or body awareness, changes the way you move and the relationship you have with your body. You become more in tune with yourself, what your body likes or dislikes and what it needs day to day. Plus, when you practice this form of control in higher paced exercises, it translates into the way you stand, walk, run and jump. It changes the way you move.

Where did it start?

Chloe doesn’t take all the credit for High Intensity Pilates as the principle of it wasn’t entirely her idea. She first saw the power of cardio combined with Pilates whilst living and teaching at the fabulous East River Pilates in New York City. She saw the numbers for her HIP classes skyrocket and when Covid struck, decided to bring it to the online world, in her own way. Since then, she’s had thousands of people doing her online classes via Go Chlo on Demand and her live classes.

What do I need to start?

The class is perfect for people that need to be efficient with their time with each High Intensity Pilates class being 45 minutes (also fitting perfectly into your lunch break). It’s also designed to be done from home with minimal equipment. Using her Physio background Chloe also provides low impact options (to modify for injuries or for your high-maintenance neighbours downstairs). So, this is a class that ticks all boxes. 

What are the benefits?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this class though is the feeling you get once it’s finished. No, that doesn’t mean you count down until the end!! But it means the instant shift in your mental health is palpable. Regular physical exercise is a proven contributor to our mental health and in a time where self care is more important than ever, this class does wonders.

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