Westbank First Nation releases survey results on cannabis

As it stands now, the sale and production of cannabis on WFN land is prohibited, but a recent survey of band members suggests that times are changing.

The band conducted a survey in September to gauge how band members feel about cannabis and the results imply that it would be welcomed on WFN land.

It should be noted the band has more than 800 members and only 63 responded.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • A majority, more than 70 per cent, said that cannabis dispensaries should be permitted on WFN lands. Fifteen per cent of respondents said no.
  • A majority (73 per cent) are in favour of indoor commercial grow operations being permitted on WFN lands, while 22 per cent indicated they’re not in favour.
  • More than 60 per cent said they’re in favour of cannabis lounges being permitted to operate on WFN lands.
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    An interesting question in the survey dealt with the negative effects of cannabis. Thirty-eight per cent said cannabis was less harmful than sugar and 14 per cent said it was the same as alcohol.

    Global News requested an interview with band chief Roxanne Lindlay to find out if the band is leaning toward allowing dispensaries on band land. She could not be reached for comment.

    The WFN’s interest in the cannabis industry might coincide with what the band’s neighbours are doing in Lake Country. A building on Commonwealth Road under construction is said to be a future dispensary and it’s on Okanagan Indian Land. Another dispensary is currently in operation on Okanagan Indian band land, off Westside road near Vernon, even though it does not have permission to operate from the provincial government.

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