The spine loves movement

Healthy back rarely reminds himself. Pain is the first signal that something is wrong. Pay attention to the spine every day, instead of waiting until it hurts! You’ll need to do quite a bit of time and effort, and the result will feel very soon!

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Generally, osteoarthritis affects people who are constantly working in an uncomfortable position, lifting heavy, and have congenital or acquired curvature of the spine. Comfort and coziness, and most importantly, a sedentary lifestyle also do us a disservice. As a result, today osteochondrosis suffer 80 % of the adult population. It is especially troubling that degenerative distroficescimi changes in the intervertebral discs begin with the young people already in 25-30 years, moreover, it is increasingly common in children. Is it possible to get rid of degenerative disc disease forever, or at least reduce the pain? Yes, but you need to learn to listen to your body, at the right time to help him cope with difficulties.

The spine is designed for movement

Our spine is a very robust design designed by nature for movement, and each, even the smallest of his sustavchikov loves to work. Dormant the vertebrae, as well as those which consistently receive excessive load (for example, if you have the whole day sitting at the computer or in the car, lift weights or work, stooping), will eventually lose their mobility. Back discomfort arise, which are then accompanied by pain. And then start malfunctions the entire bodychanges posture, affects the muscles, ligaments and internal organs. Help your spine! Start with basic and simple exercises for stretching of muscles and ligaments.

Why headache

Dizziness and headaches, pain in the hands, and sometimes even hearing loss or vision loss we usually associate with heart problems or brain, geomagnetic storms, or other factors. But often that’s not the reason: it lies in the problems in the cervical spine. In the treatment of degenerative disc disease using massage, ointments, rubbing, physiotherapy. For the prevention of exacerbations self-massage, self-correction and special exercises that must be performed regularly.


Gymnastics for the spine every morning: 5 easy steps

  1. Waking up in the morning, 2-3 times slowly stretch, turning the torso, until the crunch of all the bones.
  2. Stretch your arms along the body and reach heels and head to the edge of the bed (3-5 times).
  3. Stand up straight and try to push your heels to the floor, and head to reach the ceiling. This exercise can be performed anywhere: on the street, in transport, at work. It is very useful for the entire spine.
  4. Gently tilting the head alternately in different directions, try to reach the ear to the shoulder (5-6 times).
  5. Slowly turn your head left-right (5-6 times). The torso remains stationary.

Attention! Manipulation of the cervical spine requires the utmost care and caution, so they should carry out an experienced and knowledgeable specialist in manual therapy. Amateur invalid!

If pain arise from time to time or permanently, don’t wait until the situation becomes unmanageable. Behave with his back correctly, and it will not get you in trouble.


Prevention of back pain

  1. Do homework gradually, in parts and most importantly correctly!
  2. Less bend, do not lift on straight legs, often change the position of the body and take breaks during which you perform the stretching and smooth turns of the torso in the supine position (on hard surface), sagging on the bar (jump off gently!).
  3. Sleep on a moderately hard bed. When the pain in the neck at the back and without a pillow or with a small (40 x 80 cm) with a soft pad, which can be doubled or tripled in a roller under the neck.
  4. If you have a sedentary job, every hour take a break for 5 minutes.

Heart area

The thoracic spine is the least mobile, it is rarely injured. However, there are difficulties. In osteochondrosis of the thoracic often have pain in the heart area, radiating to left forearm. They are worse during deep breathing, bending and localized in the chest and stomach and it seems that they come from the lungs, gallbladder or stomach. In such cases mild correction and massages.

Offset discs to warm not!

If you shot in the back and you felt a strong pain that radiates to the leg, in any case not animatedsameera! Immediately seem an experienced chiropractor who will correct the spine and prescribe treatment. Do not RUB and do not heat painful place, don’t put pepper patch or the shot it will only worsen the situation! Warming procedure is justified only in the case when the pain is caused by aggravation of sciatica due to hypothermia.

  1. Bow. Lying on your back, bend your knees and pull yourself with your hands behind the ankle. Raising your upper body, try to take your feet off the floor. Slowly and smoothly roll down on the belly back and forth. It’s good stretches and strengthens the back muscles, chest and shoulder girdle.
  2. Riding on the cushion or ball. Lie on your back, tucked under the thoracic spine a hard roller with a diameter of 25 cm or the ball. Swinging back and forward, maximally flexes to get back to the floor. Exercise is particularly helpful for those all day busy with sitting work.
  3. The pose of the snake. Lie on your stomach, hands under shoulders, elbows close to the body, feet together, feet stretched, forehead touching the floor. With a slow breath, try to take your feet off the floor. Rolling on belly back and forth. This exercise stretches and strengthens back muscles, chest and shoulder girdle.
  4. Riding on the back. Lying on your back and bent feet, try to get the chin to the knees, and the knees the chin. While you are waiting, clasping his legs with his hands. So is stretching of spine.
  5. Performing these exercises every day (if possible morning and evening), you will retain the flexibility of the main component of youth!

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With osteochondrosis back pain occurs after physical exertion. If it persists for a long time, talking about the sciatica. Attention: lumbar pain often associated with diseases of the pelvic organs (in this case are nausea, vomiting, heartburn, bloating, temperature). Sciatica develops due to irritation of the spinal nerve roots lumbosacral plexus, provoking the degenerative disc disease, injury or congenital anomalies. This disease has its own treatment strategy.

What you do not like your back

The danger to the spine can lurk in the most simple and usual activities. Do not expose the back for more loads and storiespamela to lift weights. Avoid working in a bent position!

Working at a table with papers or the computer monitor, sit up straight. Do not tilt your head low, keep the shoulders straight. From time to time make smooth turns and stretching.

Lifting heavy, do not bend, and slightly bend your knees and sit down slightly. TAK load on the spine is distributed more evenly.

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