The benefits of sleep in wet socks for health

Health can strengthen the simple secrets like sleeping in wet socks. And here are four proven advantages of this habit.

Sleep in wet socks is the best means of getting rid of heavy cough. Take the kettle and add two cups milk, one tablespoon of honey and two coarsely chopped onions. Now give this mixture to infuse for 15 minutes. Dip in her socks, squeeze them hard and then slip on your feet when the time comes to go to bed. Onion with milk promotes the release of phlegm and softens the symptoms of coughs because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Boil fennel seeds in water for 15 minutes. Then there dip socks. They also need a good squeeze. Less than half an hour this drug is, experts say, get rid of digestive problems. The seeds enhance the blood circulation to the stomach and help to fight infections.

To withstand high temperature in addition to the tablets you can try this simple method. In kettle, add two cups of water and tablespoon of vinegar. Down there a couple of woolen socks. Then squeeze them and put on feet before bedtime. Socks will help to reduce the temperature in just 40 minutes, as the vinegar reduces heat and increases blood flow. They prevent further deterioration of health, strengthen the immune system.

Did you know that a pair of wet socks in my sleep – a great way to protect from a hangover? They contribute to the regulation of blood pressure and control body temperature. This prevents a hangover. (READ MORE)