Pharmaceutical group of Dietmar Hopp: CureVac reports successful Tests with possible Covid-19 vaccine

The spread of the Coronavirus holds Germany, Europe and the world continue to breath. Politics, economy, society and research are now required. Now, a German pharmaceutical company is reporting its first successes.

The German pharmaceutical company CureVac, the majority owner of patron Dietmar Hopp is reported successful progress in the development of a vaccine. The leading vaccine candidate, the company was in "preclinical studies at a dose of only two micro-grams of positive results erzielt", it said in a statement.

Further, it States: "The present data show a well-balanced immune response, associated with the formation of a high number of virus-neutralizing Titers (VNTs) and T-cells. VNTs are a key indicator that the vaccine candidate can induce a strong immunological reaction for the neutralization of SARS-CoV-2." In June, a clinical trial of the vaccine is to start with healthy volunteers.

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