Medical officer of health to pitch continued use of fluoride before committee

London’s medical officer of health has been called upon, again, to make a case for keeping fluoride in the city’s water supply.

Dr. Chris Mackie will be speaking at Tuesday afternoon’s civic works committee meeting about what public health agencies consider to be a “safe, beneficial, equitable, and cost-effective” measure to prevent tooth decay.

According to his report, he’ll recommend the city keeps practising water fluoridation at a level of 0.6-0.8 milligrams a litre.

The report says the Middlesex-London Health Unit estimates if the city stopped putting fluoride in the water, kids would experience at least 40,000 more cavities over the next 10 years.

It also says there is no evidence to support a link between exposure to fluoride in drinking water at the levels used in London to adverse health effects, including any types of cancer, developmental defects, neurobehavioral effects, or genotoxicity.

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