Loneliness has a destructive impact on the brain

American scientists from Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Pittsburgh concluded that living alone has a destructive impact on the human brain. In conditions of loneliness can be negative changes in the neural chains of the brain, found researchers.

Opinion of scientists about the destructive effects of loneliness on the brain formed after an experiment with mice. At first the animals were kept in General cells, where they could communicate and play together. When rodents have grown up, they move into cells, where each of them was alone.

After a month of living in cages, alone in the survey it was observed that in mice decreased the amount of brain neurons – on average 20%. In the future, for another three months while mice were kept separately from each other, the number of neurons in their brain continued to remain low.

The number of neurons in the brain is usually reduced along with aging. Along with this reduced ability to remember new information, and effectively use that once memorised and processed by the brain. The most dramatic consequence of this is destructive to the cognitive health of the process are incurable neurodegenerative diseases accompanied by dementia.

The scientists intend to continue the study of the influence of loneliness on the brain. Professionals aimed at creating a medicine that would have saved the brain of a single from the devastating effect of the lack of social contacts.

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