Implant for contraception has ruined the lives and health

This woman claims that the doctors punctured her uterus implant for contraception. Because of him her whole life was destroyed, and the lady even got cancer of the breast.

In 2009, the resident Australian Canberra Julie watts went through the installation of the device for sterilization of the fallopian tubes. By the time she was looking for a reliable and permanent method of contraception. However, in the course of this operation, according to Julie herself, she was stabbed in the uterus. The woman was convinced that her whole life has been destroyed because of this accident implant, which was the Bane of Julie every day. Moreover, according to her, the implant for contraception was the cause of breast cancer, although the woman was “healthy as a horse”.

But after 2009, she began a long struggle for their own health. The woman was faced with heavy bleeding, chronic pain in the pelvis and back, exhausting painful spasms, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Job had to quit, her career was destroyed, and soon collapsed and her marriage. In a desperate attempt to get rid of these symptoms Julie went through a full hysterectomy last week. Now she absolutely sure that removed from the body of the implant. The lady says that immediately felt better.

She used a permanent contraception device for containing a wire of Nickel metal, which is inserted into the fallopian tubes. The implant generates scar tissue, which did not allow the sperm to penetrate the egg. Advertising this device sounded very promising, and the recovery period was to be much shorter than traditional tubal ligation. But all was not so rosy. (READ MORE)