‘I shed 10 stone, now I can run after grandkids’

A woman who lost 10 stone in a year said it has transformed her life, and her only regret is she did not do it sooner.

Terina Corrigan can now run after her grandchildren and has gone to her first ever concert.

She credits her class leader in her Slimming World group with being the inspiration behind her weight loss.

“I lost 10 stone in the first year and then another stone, so I’ve lost 11 stone in 17 months,” she said.

Terina is the mother of Lisa and Jonathan and the proud granny of James (2) and six-year-old Conor.

She said it was when she saw herself in photos taken at James’ christening that she knew she had to do something.

She had worn a glittery top, and said she often wore any top, no matter how it looked, simply because it  fitted her.

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Terina, who is in her 50s, does not want to say how much her top weight was, but admitted: “I was dress size 30 to 32 and am now a size 12 to 14.

“I have my life back. I can run after my two grandchildren and I can do things. It has transformed things.”

Terina said she went to see Westlife in concert recently, and it was her first time ever at a gig.

“I have never been to a concert before because I would know I would be standing for a long time or would have to climb steps and I couldn’t do it.”

“I would have to think will there be little turnstiles going into the venue.  I went to Westlife with my daughter Lisa and we went right up to the very top.  It was brilliant, and it was amazing, it was the best night.”

She loves bringing her grandchildren to the playground and park and said, “before I lost weight it would have been impossible for me to walk around here.”

“I know it sounds ridiculous but I would not have been able to, I would have been exhausted by the time I’d get out of the car park.”

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Terina, who lives in Tinure, Co Louth, with husband Kevin, said everything changed when she went to Sharon Matthews’ Slimming World group in Drogheda.

“She made a huge difference for me,” she said.

Terina is encouraging anyone reading her story, “who is at home and saying to themselves, I would love to do that.  Well get up and do it.  If I can do it, and I really mean that, then anybody can do it.”

“When you get into it and see it works, it is like a drug. It is amazing and you will feel amazing.”

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