How are you deciding which activities are safe during this stage of the pandemic?

Deciding what feels safe and which public health precautions to take at this stage in the pandemic can feel like a choose-your-own adventure novel with serious repercussions.

How comfortable are you attending a crowded outdoor concert? Are you wearing your mask into the grocery store? If the outdoor seating at a restaurant is reserved for the rest of the evening, would you leave or take the risk to eat indoors that you didn’t intend to take on the way there? Does it depend on the day? What else factors into those choices?

We know so many of the decisions left up to you can be overwhelming. We want to capture that in a story — the uncertainty, the frustration, the fear, the anger.

What choices have you had to make during this stage of the pandemic, whether mundane or substantial? How have you made those calls and how did they work out?

Reporter Elizabeth Hernandez would love to hear your Colorado stories.

If you’re open to being interviewed for this story, please provide your contact info below and Elizabeth Hernandez may reach out to you.


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