‘Extensive cockroach infestation’ prompts AHS to shut down vendor in food court of Edmonton’s Southgate Mall

A cockroach infestation and other health concerns have prompted Alberta Health Services to shut down a vendor located in the food court of south Edmonton’s Southgate Shopping Centre.

On Nov. 19, AHS issued a closure order to the people who run Koryo Korean BBQ.

“Evidence of extensive cockroach infestation was noted throughout the facility,” the order says.

“Many live and dead cockroaches of all life stages [were] noted in the facility and on glue boards, counters and food equipment.”

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An inspection also uncovered a leaking sink, inadequate cleaning protocols and other concerns. The vendor was also operating without a valid food-handling permit.

In all, the inspection detailed eight breaches of the Public Health Act and/or various food regulations.

The operator was ordered to immediately close the premises to “immediately undertake and diligently pursue” the acquisition of a valid food-handling permit and to work with a pest control company to get rid of the cockroaches. Among other things, the facility was also ordered to fill in cracks and holes and to fix leaks and remove any standing water.

Global News has unsuccessfully attempted to contact the Koryo Korean BBQ location and its operator(s) for comment. A voicemail has been left with the chain’s head office.

On Tuesday afternoon, a spokesperson with AHS told Global News the operator “is no longer in operation” and as such, AHS is rescinding the order.

“However, we are currently working with Southgate Mall to ensure the deficiencies outlined in the order are corrected before a new operator can take over the space,” Kerry Williamson said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the food court vendor’s operation was boarded up and the AHS order was posted inside the mall.

You can read the AHS order in its entirety below.

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