Eight sign that they have something Harmful eaten

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  • The signs of your body if you are Harmful food
  • 8 signs that you have something for you Harmful eaten
  • 1. Do you suffer from headaches:
  • 2. You often have respiratory problems or a verschnupfte nose:
  • 3. You suffer from time to time in a skin rash or eczema:
  • 4. Do you suffer from drowsiness and dizziness:
  • 5. Do you suffer from Edema and high blood pressure:
  • 6. You have to get chronic diarrhea, or already have a irritable bowel diagnosis:
  • 7. You suffer to constipation:
  • 8. You have pain after eating stomach, a feeling of fullness or heartburn:
  • Always pay attention to the signs your body!

The signs of your body if you are Harmful food

Usually the organism will respond within a few hours after a meal to ingredients that do not suit him, and which he classifies as harmful. Sometimes it takes many weeks to get a always consumed, but for your body harmful food leading to symptoms, such as sugar. If you pay attention to these signals and the corresponding food in the future, avoid, everything is fine. If you ignore the signs and signals your body may develop a health problem.

Because the a – or repeated consumption of a harmful food or substance not has a usually really harmful. The body manages to make the harmful substances harmless, and auszuleiten.

Eaten the wrong food again and again, and that can possibly contribute for years or decades, then lead to the emergence of chronic diseases.

What are the signs of your body you should pay attention to now? What signals indicate that they have something Harmful to eat?

8 signs that you have something for you Harmful eaten

If you notice the following symptoms, you could take for a change – instead of drugs – to your diet. Maybe you have eaten something, what is your body, and harmful status.

1. Do you suffer from headaches:

Headaches are sometimes the sign of a lack of water (dehydration). When did you drink the last of something? You can have a headache once a big glass of water and after half an hour again.

Also flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) can trigger headaches.

Of course, the caffeine withdrawal can lead to headaches, so if you have forget the usual Cup of coffee.

Also a HIT (histamine intolerance), headache in question. In this case, you do not tolerate fermented or fermented foods, such as red wine, Kefir, etc. Many other foods are a Problem in the case of a HIT also, as you can read: histamine intolerance

2. You often have respiratory problems or a verschnupfte nose:

Observe whether the symptoms disappear when you have dispensed once for six weeks on milk products of any kind, so milk, yogurt, butter milk, cheese, Sour cream, cream, ice cream, etc.

Take advantage of this time simply herbal Drinks such as rice or oat drinks or almond milk and bring to a boil rice, almond or oat cream. Also vegetable cheese there, if you don’t want to miss out on the cheese flavor.

Milk products, whether made from cow, sheep or goat’s milk – you get glues in sensitive people the body. The mucous membranes are reacting to the milk proteins with a defensive reaction, which manifests itself in an increased formation of mucus. It is, therefore, an intolerance to the milk protein, and thus has nothing to do with a lactose intolerance.

Sometimes the Affected suffer from headaches, constipation or other individual symptoms after the consumption of milk products. In the case of chronic complaints, you can make therefore always the attempt with a non-dairy Phase and see how they work for you.

3. You suffer from time to time in a skin rash or eczema:

Leave out the sugar. Sweets, jam, sweet Snacks, chocolate, sweets, cakes, sweet particles, etc., contain large amounts of isolated and highly concentrated sugar. He can change your gut flora and lead to increased growth of fungi ( Candida albicans).

A typical fungal rash is shown in the red about 5-cents-large points, which is shed from the edge. It can also be very few of these points (e.g. 2 or 3), not observed immediately, for example, on the inner side of the arm, near the armpit or on the abdomen or the groin.

If it were to remain only at these points, you might say, what the hell. However, they are only a first indication, that the body of a surfeit of mushrooms and is populated, which is evident in the long term in many more and then also really stressful symptoms and diseases. Even the development of cancer is associated with a fungal burden.

Measures in the case of a fungal infection is important, you will find: Candida – natural measures. In some people, and, of course, especially in children, eczema and skin rashes can also be the result of dairy products.

4. Do you suffer from drowsiness and dizziness:

Of course, light-headedness and dizziness can have many causes and should be investigated in any case, medically, if they show up again and again. Not infrequently, however, you will find simply no cause. You could then swipe once in a while, the Gluten from your diet.

Gluten is a protein found in many cereal species. There is often an intolerance of the Gluten from the wheat. The symptoms of a gluten sensitivity (also gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity) can be very different. In some people, however, it shows itself in drowsiness, and dizziness – as we have here declared: Gluten is clouding the head.

A gluten-free diet is delicious and easy. You can try if the above-mentioned symptoms, but also chronic digestive problems or recurring headaches from once: a gluten-free diet – easy and delicious

5. Do you suffer from Edema and high blood pressure:

To be Overweight you are prone to swelling (Edema) of the hands and feet, and perhaps also to high blood pressure? On the one hand, these symptoms can be due to a hormonal imbalance, such as a disorder of the thyroid gland, estrogen dominance, or the taking of cortisone-containing preparations.

If you belong to the salt-sensitive people, could it be that you take too much salt. Just in finished products much salt is contained, even in purchased bread, large amounts of Salt are often found. Especially salt-rich Chips, ready made soups, canned products, ready meals of all kinds, salad dressings, Dips, snacks, etc.

If you take a little bit of water, their water and Mineral balance quickly out of balance. Your body tries as much as possible to save the existing water to keep the Excess of sodium in solution.

Swelling and blood pressure rises.

Try, therefore, in the case of these symptoms, feed as much as possible in salt and low in sodium. The sodium content on most of the finished products on the label. A low-sodium diet contains no more than 2 gram of sodium from table salt, which is equivalent to 5 grams of cooking salt. A strict low-sodium diet should not contain only 0.4 grams of sodium (1 gram of salt).

You drink at the same time, mainly water, like still water. Pay attention to the sodium content. A low-sodium mineral water, contains less than 20 mg sodium per Liter.

You drink it every day for about 30 ml per kilogram of body weight. So if you weigh 70 kg, then daily drink 2.1 liters of water, a part of it you can drink as a herbal tea. Coffee, Green or black teas, or juices and Smoothies do not count in this case, the amount of liquid.

In order to feed in high blood pressure correctly and healthy, you will find a delicious diet plan for high blood pressure. This contains many foods that are proven to be able to lower excessive blood pressure. The diet plan has no effect moreover, only a positive effect on your blood pressure, but acts on the whole body extremely beneficial.

6. You have to get chronic diarrhea, or already have a irritable bowel diagnosis:

A irritable bowel diagnosis is depressing, it means that your doctor can think of no cause for your complaints of the digestive system responsible could be. An irritable bowel is irritated rare for a reason. Often a food intolerance is behind it. You need to run at the best a food diary. The only way you can find out which foods you tolerate clear.

Of course you should not eat every day the same, but a rotating System. Eat them so, for example, on day 1 milk products, and then again on day 4 and on day 7, etc. Apples you eat in day 2, day 5 and day 8, etc. Maybe you already have some food in suspicion, which could lead to their complaints. The day after eating this food, you watch yourself and your digestion.

Often, however, you don’t have a clue where the Problem might be, because it is also the only additives could be in some foods that you had previously not paid attention to. So sugar substitutes can lead to diarrhea (sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol, etc.). You may wanted to change to a healthier Sweetener and use for some time, xylitol, which can lead in individual amounts of diarrhea and flatulence.

Also Fructose intolerance can also cause chronic diarrhea. As a lactose intolerance or other food intolerances. You can, therefore, in the case of a doctor or medical practitioner who is familiar with intolerances and intolerances, according to check. Also, see here for more hints and tips: The irritable bowel syndrome

7. You suffer to constipation:

Chronic constipation is the suffering of a people. Not infrequently, psychological reasons are a major cause. In most cases, but the nutrition behind it. Since each person is different, knitted, can also lead each other to food to constipation.

When there are dairy products, the other is the low fiber diet, next the Excess of Gluten (see 4.) and the fourth one is blocked because he is drinking too little, and even less moved.

In the case of chronic constipation you can – as 2. explained – only once a milk product-free life. A reduction of gluten consumption is a very good way to feel more comfortable and easier.

Not only the dairy and gluten products, but at the same time increase your vegetable, fruit and salad consumption. Instead of wheat, they have increasingly turned to pseudo-cereals (Quinoa, buckwheat) or millet. Also oats can often be very well tolerated, even then, if you react to Gluten sensitive.

You can also increase your fiber consumption. Some people is only clogged because it lives exclusively of white flour products, so always bright and bread – and buns – as well as bright pasta selects, and three times a day.

Grasp, in this case, instead of whole grain products, avoid them, however, are hard to digest, Pumpernickel. You can buy whole-grain bread is the best, including organic or organic supermarket, or bake it yourself. The bread can you freeze cut into slices and then, as you need it – slice toasting. Because toasted bread is much easier to digest – especially for people who are not fully accustomed to wheat bread.

A targeted food Supplement, you can optimize your fiber supply, for example, with the help of coconut flour, baobab powder, konjac powder, flax seed, or psyllium seed shell powder. All of these products MUST be taken with plenty of water, especially psyllium seed shell powder and the flax seed. Per teaspoon of seeds psyllium shell powder, or flax seed, you drink a large glass of water (240 – 300 ml).

8. You have pain after eating stomach, a feeling of fullness or heartburn:

In the case of these symptoms, make sure that in the future, please be especially careful to eat slowly and to chew each mouthful thoroughly. Alone, this measure can lead to a lot of what you have otherwise not well tolerated, preparing, suddenly, no more problems. So take for your meals time!

Especially if you had eaten a few hours long, but if you – in spite of the great hunger, which is now not in a hurry to eat to devour, because that’s exactly the stomach problems can result.

You can drink also coffee more or significantly less, if you are prone to stomach problems.

If you grab early in the Morning to rolls, sausage, cheese and Egg, or large cereal port ion, this can mean a lot of stomachs Overload. You observe, whether you feel maybe with a small Breakfast is better, or even the Breakfast altogether, and prefer to pack a bag to eat it later in the office. Or Breakfast something Refreshing, such as fresh fruit, a freshly squeezed juice or a Smoothie. The second Breakfast in the office can be a whole grain bread or whatever you like.

In no case of any of the Reports affect the claim that everyone must eat Breakfast, because otherwise the metabolism will fall asleep, or increasing or whatever. There are people that feel without the Breakfast much better. You take care, therefore, to what signals your body and not what other people tell them.

All natural peoples are very good and very healthy because they practice the inherently intermittent fasting, a diet, when you take the first meal around 11 at the earliest.

Often hard-to-digest food naturally lead to stomach problems, such as high-fat meals or meals that are combined of many different ingredients.

Select for a tendency to stomach problems, therefore, prefer meals, which are only composed of a few ingredients and focus on low-fat meals.

You may think the combination of your meals in mind that fruits are best eaten alone. Particularly sensitive stomachs, it is not like even, if fruits are combined with other foods. The combination of fruits-cereal as a very heartburn inducing. This includes muesli, bread and Jam, cereals, fruit salad, Chutneys include, for example, if they are eating cereals and fruit cakes, or many of the Ayurvedic dishes.

A further combination that gives many people heartburn, cereals and dairy products, such as cereal with milk, Pizza, pasta with cheese, cheese bread, etc. Observe whether they are tolerated, perhaps pasta with tomato sauce is quite wonderful, but then heartburn get when you eat cheese. Or you can have cereal with juice, mixed very good to eat, but not if you take milk or Vice versa, of course.

Here you will find many more tips for a healthy stomach: Holistic measures for the stomach

And here you find an interesting method that has already helped many people, the stomach to overcome complaints: The right combination of foods

Always pay attention to the signs your body!

It is, therefore, always ensure that you are with your body in close contact, on its signs, and times that try to figure out what he wants you to hear exactly what gets him and what is not.

If you find out over time what foods will scale your body as bad and what as for it digestible, you will finally reach to an individually appropriate diet.

A lot of Fun and all the best, your Team from the centre of the health

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