Dozens of children became ill suddenly: a large-scale operation in the camp

In a tent camp In Grömitz in Schleswig-Holstein, 45 children from the Region of Hannover and the two managers, due to the stomach the intestine have been isolated complaints, as a precaution. As a spokesman for the rescue coordination centre reported, it became known of the incident on Wednesday evening.

Accordingly, the Patients were examined by the ambulance service and in tents from the rest of the camp is isolated. "The campsite is currently normal in Betrieb", the spokesman said. With the Isolation of a possible spread of the disease should be prevented.

In the case of the children, according to first findings by the students of the 8. Class from the Hanover Region. How big the group was, overall, was initially unclear. A Team was in charge of the 47 Patients in the night to Thursday.

The origin of the disease was initially unknown. The rescue center could not exclude a Virus, but a food as a possible cause. "The health Department will review the incident during the day time and einschätzen", the spokesman said.

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