Animals mysterious dog disease in Norway died – the first case in Germany

Among dog owners in Norway are scared. In the case of the four-legged grass a mysterious disease which can be fatal magnetized. Animal medical research with high pressure. Now, the pathogen has been detected also in the case of a dead dog in Schleswig-Holstein.

As the "Lübeck Nachrichten" reports, found veterinarians the bacteria of the genus Providencia alcalifaciens, which cost previously in Norway already at least 25 dogs life.

All of a sudden it went to the animals badly, they were vomiting and had bloody diarrhea. In Norway estimated that are currently more than 100 dogs ill.

As the news portal further reported, were treated in a practice in Bad Oldesloe some dogs with symptoms of the mysterious illness in Norway, remember. The veterinary office in Stormarn be informed.

Safety advice for dog owners

Another veterinarian practice in Bad Oldesloe stated on their website that "no cases of the so-called 'Norwegian Hundeseuche' were detected." Nevertheless, the Team released security notices for a dog owner that apply in Norway.

As long as it is unclear why the dogs are sick, you are prompted for your owner to prevent your dog with other dogs to come in contact. In Oslo, the popular public dog places are run, where the animals roam free, are orphaned. Anyone who takes his pet for a Walk, keeps it on a short leash. Many owners are afraid of.

On Facebook, the dog owner of the dead animal from Germany published according to the "Lübeck Nachrichten" to have a Statement in which it indicates to be neither in Norway have been, nor any kind of contact had. dpa/Ørn E. Borgen/NTB scanpix in a researcher who examined tissue samples of the still unknown disease deceased dog.

Infection is a mystery

For veterinarians, the infection is a mystery. You don’t know which it is triggered, and whether it is contagious. Just that it goes very quickly. Within 24 hours, a healthy animal may be suddenly dead. However, not all of them die. Most of the so Asle Haukaas from the veterinary Institute in Oslo, the insured could be treated in time, back to the dam.

The veterinary Institute and food supervision in Norway are now working with high pressure to the causative agent of the disease on the track. This could be bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and algae, or the effects of rain, temperature, or poor water quality. Previous cases In the country and abroad would be investigated.

First autopsies indicate that all of the dogs had a strong, bloody inflammation of the intestines. Two bacteria have been found so far: Providencia alcalifaciens, and Clostridium perfringens.

"Bacterial diseases do not play with dogs usually as the large Rolle", the German veterinarian Johanna Rieder of the University of Veterinary medicine in Hanover says. Although diseases in these animals had diarrhea quite often. But the fact that so many dogs are dying in a Region so quickly is not normal.

Caution in Norway

As long as you don’t know the cause, could you give German dog owners, but no concrete advice, except be careful if you should go to Norway travel.

There is in the Scandinavian country, a Central health registry for diseases in dogs, has sent to the veterinary Institute a scheme to all the veterinarians and clinics. Doctors are invited, all cases of bloody diarrhoea, vomiting and poor General condition in dogs since 1. To report in August. "The forms contain, hopefully, a lot of valuable information that can help to ermitteln&quot the cause of the disease;, it is on the website of the veterinary Institute. In Norway, there is the Norsk Kennel Klub, according to around 560 000 dogs.

Sure is, as yet, only that the animals were not poisoned. Also, infection with Salmonella or Campylobacter can be excluded.

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