Christmas Treats: people with Diabetes may feast in moderation

Gingerbread, Stollen and Co: diabetics can enjoy Christmas Treats in moderation

In many cities, the Christmas markets with mulled wine, roasted almonds and Bratwurst curls currently. The season of Advent and Christmas day of each year is the time of delicious Treats. Also people who are suffering from Diabetes, may feast at Christmas. However, according to health experts, you should note a few things.

At Christmas time many delicious feasts curls

Gingerbread, Stollen, cookies, mulled wine and festival food: In the season of Advent and at Christmas all sorts of delicious feasts curls. The approximately 7.6 million diabetics in Germany are allowed to enjoy culinary Christmas as well as metabolism healthy. However, you should note some things, such as the non profit Organisation diabetesDE – Deutsche Diabetes-explained the help in a message.

Food with less sugar and fat to prepare

People with the metabolic disorder Diabetes type 1 and type 2 should consume the Treats in moderation, on the amount of carbs and the blood sugar level, keep in mind.

Many Christmas recipes without any loss of flavour with less sugar and fat to prepare.

diabetesDE – German Diabetes aid is offering a free nutrition list with the most popular Christmas market specialities, seasonal dishes and a recipe booklet to new interpretations of regional classics to Download.

Treats can drive blood sugar levels quickly

Diabetics should keep in mind that sweet food such as dominoes, cookies, Stollen, Spekulatius and co. include a lot of sugar and the blood sugar level quickly.

“For people with type 1 Diabetes who inject Insulin, it is especially important to know the amount of carbohydrates of the various dishes,” says Nicole Mattig-Fabian, managing Director of diabetesDE – German Diabetes help.

“In addition, people with type 1 and 2 should generally keep the calories in mind.”

Not hungry to the Christmas market to go

According to Mattig-Fabian of the visit to the Christmas market should begin already slightly filled stomach.

“Who takes hungry the fragrance of Sweet and Savoury true, consumed often much more than planned.”

At Christmas dinner it is also recommended, sumptuous dishes, spicy Roasts, creamy sauces and creamy cakes so alter, that they contain less fat and sugar and therefore fewer calories.

“Salad-appetizers and lots of vegetables to the main dish contributes to the feeling of satiety, meat and Fat should be more of a garnish.”

An equally delicious Alternative to the sweet Christmas desserts can be, for example, oatmeal cookies or cinnamon ice cream, if fat and sugar in moderation.

Long walks in the fresh air

“A lot of people move in the Christmas season a little, because especially in the Winter, the Motivation is missing. Together with calorie – and sugar-rich meals is persistent lack of movement but an unfortunate combination,“ said Nicole Mattig-Fabian.

“After the dinner at Christmas, the feast or the new year’s day brunch should be the movement on the Plan.”

Also long walks are out in the fresh air with family and friends very well.