Beverley Callard health: Actress left in ‘excruciating pain’ – ‘Is this the end for me?’

Beverley Callard claims she was ‘written out’ of Corrie’s 50th

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After being one of the top favourites with fans after appearing in “the castle” Beverley also became very close with fellow campmate and BBC Radio 1 presenter Jordan North. Their unlikely friendship has transcended the castle and now the pair can be seen on their new ITV show Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding. The show sees the comical pair travel around Spain, and will culminate with Beverly renewing her vows with husband Jon McEwan. Beverley and John have been married for the last 10 years, and it was John who helped Beverley recover from her two hip surgeries.

The star went into hospital for a routine keyhole surgery operation on her hip but left fearing that she would be in a wheelchair when it went horribly wrong.

After consulting a second doctor on the botched surgery, the medical professional stated that the surgery should never have been done in the first place.

“I have been in the most excruciating pain you can imagine – like teeth grinding inside my hip,” Beverley said.

Due to not only the physical pain that the surgery left Beverley in, but the “mental tourture” of the procedure, Beverley ended up suing the hospital she received the operation at.

At the time Beverley was still working on the ITV soap, so the surgery threatened her future as an actress altogether.

She added: “But worse than [physical pain] was the mental torture of thinking ‘is this the end for me?’

“A huge part of me thought I’d never be able to return to Coronation Street – that I wouldn’t even walk again.

“Liz is famous for mini skirts, stockings and high heels shoes. Not crutches and a mobility scooter. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do my job any more.

“That is how bad it has been. There was definite doubt over whether I would walk again.

“I was in a state of shock and pain for four months. It has been absolute hell.”

Beverley was advised to have the operation after feeling a “niggle in [her] hip”. And after suffering for quite some time she visited her GP.

“He said he thought I had an easily remedied soft tissue tear inside my hip,” Beverley said, explaining her hospital horror to The Mirror.

Beverley elaborated: “I saw a consultant a few days later who did scans and said it needed a minor operation in mid-March as a day patient. I had the procedure and the nurse said afterwards it went really well.”

However, to Beverley’s dismay, an agonising week later the consultant told her that in fact the surgery had not gone well at all and her hip had “crumbled”.

In a state of shock Beverley recalled: “I was numb. I couldn’t take it in. I asked what next and he said it would be urgent but because of Covid-19 things were up in the air.

“I went home and over the following weeks the pain just got worse and worse despite painkillers they gave me. I couldn’t stand. If I moved my right leg in any direction, the pain was indescribable. It was a burning and shooting pain up and down my leg.

“My muscles would twitch, I could see them doing it. I couldn’t get comfortable seated, standing, laying. I couldn’t sleep. I was in tears for many days and believe me, I’m not a wuss. My dentist thinks I’m really tough, so does my GP. But this just floored me. I saw no way out.”

On July 20 Beverley finally received the hip replacement she needed, but due to the ongoing damage that the first procedure had caused, she was left with nerve and muscle damage .

The NHS explains that hip replacement surgery is required when the hip joint is worn or damaged so that mobility is reduced and even resting is painful for the individual.

Conditions such as arthritis, hip fractures, and muscle or tendon injuries could be the cause of hip pain. If you feel any sort of tightness, stiffness or aching in your hips, thighs or groin it is recommended to speak to your GP.

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