A doctor’s advice. 10 lifehacks for the prevention of strokes

Every year stroke kills about 6 million people. So tomorrow we won’t be among the victims, it is necessary today to deal with issues of prevention. Of course, to exclude completely the risk of stroke cannot be, as it is impossible to exclude the probability of an accident, even when you’re wearing a seat belt and driving carefully. But you can significantly reduce risks. About how to do it, tell the doctors.

1. Weight control
Excess weight is not a direct cause of stroke, but it causes a number of conditions that increase the risks of this deadly disease – high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes. In General, another reason to lose weight if the body mass index is off the charts.

2. Less meat
Be sure to check the level of cholesterol in the blood and if its high do in the first place, reduce the amount of meat and other foods high in animal fats (by-products, lard, butter, cheese, milk, etc.).

3. More fiber

Adding to the daily diet, only 7 grams of fiber reduces the risk of stroke by 7%. This is the amount of fiber contained in two servings of fruits or vegetables. In addition, fiber is a factor in the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

4. Protection Of Omega-3

In the list of products that strengthen the health of the cardiovascular system, a well-deserved first place omega-3 fats. Their ability to lower bad cholesterol and improve the elasticity of blood vessels is out of the question. And contain these healthy acid in an ordinary herring, mackerel, flax oil and walnuts.

5. No TRANS fat

Besides the animals, there is another group of fats that are dangerous to the health of the cardiovascular system – TRANS-fats. It is a fatty acid with altered chemical structure – in particular, hard margarine, which is widely used in the manufacture of cookies, cakes, chips, fast food. TRANS fats increase bad cholesterol, that is, narrow the lumen of blood vessels and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

6. Supplement potassium
It is known that eating only 1.5 grams of potassium a day reduces the risk of stroke by approximately 30%. In a large amount of potassium is found in dried apricots, prunes, raisins, bananas, almonds, potatoes and peas.

7. Do not add salt

Scientists say that reducing salt intake by only 5 grams per day could prevent nearly 3 million deaths from cardiovascular disease annually. And who resembles a healthy daily dose of salt – only 4-5 grams, while each of us consumes about 10-15 grams of “white death”.

8. Quit Smoking

Did you know that the leading cause of death of smokers is not lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease? Smoking causes vasoconstriction, an increase in pressure, the development of atherosclerosis. Resulting in the risks of stroke increase 4 times! By the way, within a year after quitting Smoking risk of stroke is reduced by 50%.

9. The cardio
Say from heart attack and stroke can escape. Cardio really strengthens the cardiovascular system and normalizes blood pressure and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. Run, swim, ride a bike or do aerobics.

10. 10,000 steps

No time to exercise? Buy a pedometer and start walking. A day – 10,000 steps. It is also cardio, and such “training” can be entered in the daily schedule of each. By the way, 10,000 steps or 5 miles who calls the normal low physical activity.