Here’s Why Carrie Ann Inaba Considers Her Health Problems A Blessing

A dancer and talk show host by profession, Carrie Ann Inaba has been a familiar name since the time of her appearance in Dancing with the Stars. These days, the dance show judge is fulfilling her urge to spread awareness of Iron Deficiency Anemia, a health condition that has affected around 5 million people across the United States at present, including herself.

Before Carrie was diagnosed with IDA, she also went through the same feeling like others and thought that the lack of energy might be an effect of getting older. But soon after being hit by frustration due to physical weakness, she decided to consult a doctor. That was when she got to know about the deficiency of iron and hemoglobin which was the root cause of her problem.

Rather than feeling depressed about it, Carrie took it as a blessing because according to her, the diagnosis made her aware of her health. She believes that when you come to know about any such condition, it brings along a realization of taking better care of your body and consulting with the doctor regularly. In her perspective, “you get your life back”.

As a new co-presenter of The Talk, she is making sure to use it as a medium for good. Every day there is a challenge to speak in a way that is relatable for people. Carrie’s motivation for sharing her own stories comes from the hope that probably someone could find comfort by knowing that they are not alone to go through problems of a specific nature.

Another positive point that the show host sees in her job is the possibility to inspire others to follow an optimistic approach while looking at their lives. The main objective behind discussing her own health is to make good use of her star status as she firmly believes that nothing else can be more satisfying than helping others. True that!

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