You Might Want to Sit Down — Harry Styles's Beauty Brand Is Here

Earlier this year, rumors began to circulate on Twitter and Instagram that pop sensation Harry Styles had been secretly working on his own label. It had come to the attention of his eagle-eyed fans at the beginning of June that the Fine Line singer, under his full name Harry Edward Styles, and his executive assistant Emma Spring had filed a trademark for a company titled "Pleased As Holdings." The nature of this business was and still is listed on the government's website as the "wholesale of perfume and cosmetics."

Naturally, this got Styles' army of fans excited. Many Twitter users (us included) began to pre-empt what exactly would be on offer. A watermelon-scented fragrance, perhaps? Or "Golden"-hued nail varnish? Following those initial rumors, Styles was spotted in "Pleasing"-branded hoodies and sweatshirts, which suggested that this was the name of his upcoming, yet-to-be-confirmed brand. Elsewhere, Pleasing makeup had been used in a W Magazine cover shoot with Emma Corrin, adding fuel to the fire.

Well, now it seems we've finally got a look at what's to come. On November 14, blue tick-certified Pleasing Instagram and TikTok accounts surfaced (which follow Styles's own account), as well as an official Pleasing site. Alongside this, several billboards sprung up across the globe in cities as far-reaching as New York City and London, which for the first time showed the Pleasing campaign images. These feature men's and women's models shot against an oceanic backdrop, suggesting that Pleasing has been pegged as a unisex brand.

While no official statement has yet been made, some customers were able to pre-order (which is no longer possible) the initial Pleasing products over the weekend of the 14th. As expected, the first drop comprised a series of nail varnishes encased in sleek bottles, as well as lip and eye serums, infused with lingonberry and hyaluronic salt. Each product adheres to vegan and clean beauty principles, has been made without parabens or animal testing.

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It's hardly surprising that cosmetics are the subject of Styles's business venture. Not only does he join a string of musicians-turned-beauty moguls (Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, etc.), but he's made cotton-candy-painted nails and a flick of eyeliner as much a part of his sexed-up signature look as he has Gucci's flared slacks and pussy-bow blouses. 

Styles, who will wrap his U.S. tour this week, has yet to comment on the unveiling of Pleasing. We're expecting him to break his silence imminently.

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