Genetic predisposition to obesity does not prevent to lose weight!

Many of us justify overweight a hereditary predisposition. It really exists: scientists have discovered which genes are responsible for weight gain and described the mechanisms of their action. However, the excuse “I can’t lose weight because of genetics” is no longer accepted: American scientists have found that heredity does not prevent lose weight with the right diet.

Most people believe that if parents are overweight, then children will never be slender. This statement is partially true, but “bypass” the genetic predisposition to obesity.

Genetic factor

There are several genes that significantly affect weight gain. How? Explain with examples.

There is a gene АроС3. Its main task – activates the synthesis of lipoprotein lipase, specific enzyme responsible for the breakdown of fats. If the correct structure of this gene is disrupted, i.e. there is a mutation, and disturbed fat metabolism. Gene FABP2 determines the body’s ability to metabolize fat. Depending on which version of this gene you have in the cells, absorption of fats will more or less complete. There are other genes and how properly they perform their function, that determines how easily we gain weight.

On today found nearly 100 genetic combinations associated with body mass index. The extent of their influence is different, but the most “powerful” of them (this gene is called CREBRF) increases the likelihood of obesity by up to 40%.

Feeding behavior

There are several options of eating behavior that contribute to weight gain. For example, the “stuck stress”, “celebration eating”, “emotional overeating” (which people might not remember it turns “itself”), refusal to eat, which then leads to breakdowns, and also known to most anorexia and bulimia.

Food behavior is determined by genes by 50-80%.

Genetics is not a death sentence

It would seem that what is coded into our genes is destiny, overcoming addiction is impossible. But recent reports of scientists show that it is not so.

For example, experts from Tulane University in New Orleans conducted a very large study, which was attended by 14 thousand people, adhering to certain dietary restrictions. While some of the participants were found to have a high genetic predisposition to obesity, but they better have lost weight while adhering to the constraints canadian pharmacy online.

Another group of scientists conducted an analysis of information about 200 thousand people are engaged in physical exercise for weight reduction. The researchers found that regular physical activity helps to modify the activity of approximately 12 genes that are responsible for obesity. So genetics is not a sentence. And about the secrets of heredity can be found in the article “Lucky genes: how heredity influences the beauty.”