How to keep your heart healthy. 8 tips from a cardiologist

The heart is the most important muscle in the human body. The life of each of us depends precisely on the work of the heart, so it’s quite natural and understandable that we want to have in your Arsenal some effective tricks to improve the work of this body.

These are the tips you will find in this article Magicforum. Read on to learn recommendations and tricks by which you can improve heart function and to ensure the full implementation of all functions that are necessary for good health and General well-being.

In order to strengthen the heart, is not enough to focus only on one area of life, while ignoring all the rest. This means that if you stick to the principles of proper nutrition, but never exercise, then one day it can lead to serious health problems.

An ideal scenario is high activity in all spheres of life. Perhaps at first it will be difficult to do, but over time you become so accustomed to the new lifestyle that you no longer have to force themselves and exert a lot of effort.

In order to facilitate the task, read on for some effective guidelines which you will be able to improve the work of organs of the cardio-vascular system.

How to keep heart healthy

1. Add in the daily diet calcium-fortified products

Please note that it is much better to get calcium directly from foods and not from vitamin supplements.

If you want to replenish this mineral in the body, it is important to include in your diet such calcium-fortified products:

•Vegetables (spinach, arugula and broccoli)

•Low-fat cheese

•Soya and products based on it

•White beans



•Sesame seed


2. Do not forget about antioxidants

We all know that antioxidants are essential for maintaining good health, but not everyone knows that these substances are also needed to improve the functioning of the heart.

Regular intake of foods high in antioxidants can significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

To replenish antioxidants in the body, you can use the following products:

•Fresh berries

•Green tea



•Natural dark chocolate



•The apples.

3. Eat according to the principle of the Mediterranean diet

Of course, in the world there are a huge variety of diets, however, the Mediterranean is the most effective for improving heart function.

It involves eating only natural foods that are enriched with essential for health nutrients. Among the main components of this diet include the following products:

•Seasonal fruits and vegetables

•Sources of healthy fats, in particular olive oil


•Enriched with proteins products, in particular fish and certain types of meat (lamb, chicken, Turkey, etc.).

4. Use spices and seasonings

Adding to the dishes of various spices and herbs, you can reduce the consumption of table salt or completely abandon it. Don’t forget that salt is harmful to the body, because it has the ability to strongly elevate the blood pressure.

Moreover, with the regular use of these spices can give familiar dishes a more exotic flavor.

It is better to abandon those foods that are harmful to the body. For example, you can cook oven baked potatoes with fresh dill instead of eating French fries industrial production, which contains large amounts of saturated fats and preservatives.

5. Eat as many foods with high potassium content

Regular consumption of potassium can significantly reduce the risk of complications of the heart. If you want to replenish this mineral naturally, it is necessary to include in the daily menu natural sources of potassium:







6. Exercise regularly

If you lead an active lifestyle, you can not only improve heart function, but also to ensure the functioning of all the organs of the cardiovascular system and positively affect overall health. Besides staying active, you will significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks.

The most useful exercises are Jogging and Hiking. In order to strengthen the work of all internal organs need to allocate a minimum of 30 minutes three times a week for exercise. However, if you wish, you can train longer and more often.

If you are one of those people who don’t like to exercise and hate doing the same sport for several consecutive weeks, it is possible to adopt various types of loads.

Do not forget that each individual sport activates the muscles in various parts of the body, so it is best to combine several types of loads, if you want whole body was slender and fit.

7. Eat walnuts

Everyone knows that the composition of walnuts contain large amounts of antioxidants.Due to these properties, this variety of nuts is deservedly considered more heart-healthy than almonds, pistachios and peanuts. Daily eat a handful of nuts (5-8 pieces).

In order to strengthen the amazing benefits of walnuts, you can combine them with other useful products, in particular with oatmeal and fresh fruit. For example, you can make your own nutritious cereal bars and add to them cut into small pieces walnuts.

If you are looking for effective ways to improve the work of the heart, a daily intake of nuts – this is exactly what you need.

8. Less stress and negative emotions

People who frequently experience stress are also risks provoking a deterioration of the heart. Of course, it is impossible to always be absolutely calm and balanced person, but we should not focus much attention on the negative.

Do not forget to find time to communicate with friends, fun to spend leisure time with loved ones. These factors are essential not only to improve the functioning of the heart, but also to strengthen relations with relatives.

Throw away from your life all negative.

•Try to minimize the amount of junk food, particularly fast food, in the diet

•Try to avoid stressful situations

•Lead an active lifestyle and maintain a stable weight.

If you are in search of effective methods of improvement of work of heart, it is very important to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and exercise regularly. Try to allocate at least half an hour a day on Hiking, and after a short time you will notice a significant improvement in health.

For a positive result, it is first necessary to reconsider your diet. Take into consideration these helpful recommendations.

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