Health authority speaks homeopathy effect

The French government may soon abolish the reimbursement of homeopathic medicines by the health insurance companies. According to the Supreme health authority (HAS) of the country, the products are effective, scientifically speaking, it is not enough. Therefore, a refund is not justified, the authority on Friday in a statement. The Ministry of health had commissioned the HAS to before the test.

So far, health insurance companies in France recognize homeopathic consultations and treatments as the alternative medicine and assume the costs. For the homeopathic remedy, classified as a “medical application with moderate effect” – pay the funds with a lower rate of, a year, a total of 55 million euros.

Must medically necessary treatment is not delayed

The Top health authority has examined, in accordance to their own information, for nine months, almost 1200 homeopathic medicines and more than 1000 scientific publications is analyzed. In the end, the authority came to the conclusion that efficacy cannot be demonstrated. The HAS also pointed out that the use of homeopathy in serious progressive diseases shall not delay medically necessary treatment.

In Germany, too, will always fight about homeopathy and about whether the public must bear the costs for such treatment. In this country, the means are not an integral part of the statutory service catalogue of the health insurance funds. Instead, funds can decide for yourself whether you accept the costs. Some health insurance companies advertise specifically because a demand exists.

“Esoteric Discipline”

The controversy in France had begun last spring with an Opinion piece in the French daily newspaper “Le Figaro”. In it 124 Doctors called for “the exclusion of the esoteric disciplines – including homeopathy – medicine”. The Association of Homeopathic Physicians responded with an action before the National chamber of Physicians “due to the violation of professional ethics”.

The medical faculty of Lille had then decided to take the diploma course in homeopathy for 2018/19 to suspend. Then health Minister Agnès Buzyn ordered the examination of homeopathy by the Supreme health authority. “Homeopathy is so far refunded without any scientific control,” Inter said Buzyn, at the time, in a radio interview with France. “If this medicine is useful for, shall be refunded to continue. If not, stop.”

Homeopathy has been in France a lot of followers. According to information from the chamber of Physicians 56 percent of the population swear by the use of Globules, and the highly diluted tinctures.