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No Time? Not the type for the gym? And certainly not in the mood to pedal two hours a day on the Stepper?

With this crisp Cardio home workout by Maddie Lymburner these are all no more arguments. Ten minutes is long enough for the firm in the middle.

You need to on a Mat, no additional Equipment.

Here’s how: You go through four Exercises with no rest for 30 seconds. Connecting there is a 1-Minute break. Of 3 Rounds.

If that’s not enough: Instead of 60 seconds, break, 60 seconds Plank Position hold.

Or So this YouTube Workout of MadFit stimulates fat burning and helps in regular exercise, and excess pounds to sustainably get rid of.

These are the four Exercises from the Video:

1. Half Burpee

You start in the pushup position, your hands under the shoulders and the head in extension of the spine. Now you jump with your feet next to your hands and then return to the starting position.

2. Elbow to knee Crunches

The second Exercise begins in the supine position with the legs bent and the feet on the floor. Now you’re alternating the elbow to the opposite knee.

3. Jack Knives

In the third Exercises, you have two options with varying difficulty: advanced bring you from the supine position, the elongated arms and legs, hands and feet touch briefly and lower them back in again.

You’re a Beginner, you can use the legs towards the ceiling stretched up and only the torso in the direction of your feet lifting.

4. Mountain Climber

Although the focus in this Workout on your Core, the Exercise is a true all-rounder.

Starting position is again the Liegest├╝tzpsition and the whole body is tense. Then you take a swing, the legs alternate in angled position in the direction of the elbow.

The Exercise will simultaneously be trained abdomen, back, buttocks and legs and is in addition to the Burpee is the perfect full-body exercise.

Stefanie Naumann

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