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If there’s one thing you shouldn’t hold back on, it’s preserving as many memories as you can — especially when it comes to your babies. Aside from the obvious photo books, one of the best ways to make your own precious memories is to make a mold of a your newborn’s hands and feet so you always have something to remember their birth. There are plenty of baby handprint footprint kits you can buy and do it at home instead of having someone else do it for a much higher fee.

Chances are, if you don’t do this when they’re little, you’ll regret it. It’s something you can never get back, so don’t wait to make this special memory when it’s too late. Baby handprint kits are so easy to use at home too. Whether you want to go the ink route and place their footprint on a piece of paper or you want to go the more traditional route by dipping their feet or hands in baby-safe clay that you can turn into a keepsake ornament, there is more than one way to preserve this kind of memory. Below, we’ve rounded up the best baby handprint and footprint kits to help make moments last forever.

1. KeaBabies Ornament Kit

One of the most useful and practical ways to display your baby’s precious footprints is with an ornament. This baby handprint footprint kit makes it easy to transfer your little one’s little hands or feet onto a baby-safe clay that makes for a must-have ornament no family holiday tree is complete without. This all-inclusive kit comes with gold paint, a paint brush, and a name and date printing kit. Most importantly, the food-grade clay is safe for your little one to dip their hands and toes in.

2. Clean Touch Stamp

If clay isn’t your preferred medium, this ink pad is another great way to hold onto your little one’s cute little hands and feet for life. This stamp pad is ink-less, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals touching their hands and feet. This baby handprint footprint kit makes it easy to add their little toes and fingers onto paper — plus it’s faster than a clay method. It’s also a fun activity to do with your furry friends, too.

Image: Amazon.

3. My Mini Joy Kit

This baby handprint footprint kit makes transferring your baby’s toes and hands onto clay easier than ever. This bundled ornament kit includes everything you need to get started and finish your masterpiece. This kit makes two ornaments and includes gorgeous satin ribbons and letter sets for an extra special touch. Unlike many clay sets, this one doesn’t require any baking or mixing so you can save time and stress (and not have to wait for it to dry).

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