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Surprise! Teyana Taylor is expecting her second child.

The actress-model-singer, 29, revealed the happy news in the music video for her new song, "Wake Up Love," released Friday. In the closing scene of the video, Taylor shares a kiss in bed with her 4-year-old daughter Iman Tayla (a.k.a. Junie) and NBA pro husband, Iman Shumpert, before pulling down her blanket and lifting up her shirt to reveal her baby bump for the first time.

"We're ready, and we're very excited," Taylor tells PEOPLE exclusively. "Iman is super excited. Junie is ecstatic — I'm talking super ecstatic. Everybody is just excited. I can't wait. I've got three more months left until we meet our little princess."

After the reveal, Junie can be seen in the video playfully pushing her father's hand away so that she can have full access to her mom's bump — which, Taylor says, is par for the course for the youngster.

"What she did at the end of the video is Junie the whole time," she says. "She hogs the whole baby all the time. We were in the bed and loving on one another, and she jumped on the both of us like, 'I'm here!' It's the cutest thing."

Though Taylor and Shumpert — who also raps a verse on "Wake Up Love" — have a lot of names in mind for their baby girl on the way, Taylor says Junie "keeps changing it."

"Junie has a lot of ideas," she says with a laugh. "We want to keep her as involved as possible because Junie clearly thinks that this is her baby. She talks to my stomach all the time. It's so good to see that."

"Kids handle siblings differently," she adds. "You have kids that are a little bit jealous. But she's so excited and preparing herself to be a big sister. She constantly kisses my stomach, she constantly talks to the baby. Even when we go to the store, she's like, 'Okay, mom, this is for the baby.' She's so ready. She's going to be such a great big sister."

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Overall, Taylor says, "Wake Up Love" is a "cute record that speaks to the everyday life of a couple."

" 'Wake Up Love' is about asking for attention," she says. "I wanted it to be something couples can relate to. I, personally, am not a nagging person, and I'm also not a super clingy person. But I'm very affectionate and very lovable. After a long, hard day of work, I want to be up under you. And vice versa."

"It's a cute song. It's just about love and embracement," she adds. "It's just talking about the different emotions that us females go through. It's so cute because on Iman's verse, he kind of gets into a male's perspective, like, 'I know I could be a lot and you don't like that, but I got us.' It's really about that."

Taylor explains that "Wake Up Love" is just the start of what's to come from her forthcoming third studio album — simply titled, The Album.

"We're going to do an announcement on the album date on Monday," she reveals, adding, "I can tell you the album is coming out in a few days."

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