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Being married to a personal trainer certainly has its perks. And as if proving The Bachelor franchise can produce real love wasn’t enough, the workout videos shared by Sam and Snezana Wood are complete couple goals – especially when the whole family joins in.

It’s clear to see that a healthy and a happy lifestyle is important to the pair, and it just so happens to also be Snezana’s best advice for better skin too. 

“You need to drink lots of water and eat well to see exactly what your skin really needs,” she tells Women’s Health. And she’s certainly not wrong, with diet and lifestyle both huge contributing factors to acne, and early signs of ageing.

Wood’s own complexion is as radiant as they come, saying if there was one skin care ingredient she wished she discovered sooner, it would be AHAs, “to smooth and refine the skin’s texture”.

As such, glycolic acid features heavily in the 38-year-old’s routine. A friend of the brand Neostrata, Wood completes a four-step routine every evening featuring the Resurface Glycolic Foaming Wash ($54.99), Glycolic Renewal Serum ($74.99), Glycolic Renewal Lotion ($64.99) and Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Cream ($64.99, all available at

But she admits she’s not a total skin saint either, revealing that she quite often works out in makeup. “I know it’s a little taboo but unless I’m wearing a medium or heavy foundation which I would definitely wash off first, I like to get straight into it – whip my hair up into a top knot or high pony and voila!”

In order to avoid this predicament in the first place, Wood says she prefers working out first thing in the morning – “just get it over and done with really! Sometimes that doesn’t go as planned which is why I love my at-home 28 workouts, because I can do them wherever, whenever and break them up into manageable sections.”

Post-sesh, Woods says, “I always try to wash my face as soon as possible after a sweaty workout,” also naming deodorant, moisturiser, dry shampoo and hair ties as her gym must-haves.

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