Possible side effects to lexapro

A woman plagues a headache. She seems scattered and lose when you always Talk back to the thread. Also, she has suddenly developed a further special feature: If you talk, it sounds as if they would imitate an English accent. What is the Mittvierzigerin missing? Has she taken drugs? Or a psychosis developed?

A neurologist embarks on the trail and want first of all to exclude organic causes. However, the physical examination and a MRI of the brain to supply no abnormal findings. He decides to see the nervous water, and to investigate and will find it.

“The diagnosis” – all 22 episodes available to download

The Podcast “The diagnosis” with Dr. Anika Geisler is published every two weeks – on AudioNow, the new platform of RTL Radio Deutschland, and on Spotify and iTunes. So far have appeared in the series:

Fateful style: Unconscious drives a woman in the basin of a swimming pool, attentive lifeguards can save your life. But why do you suddenly fainted? A doctor discovered the reason. The woman may never go swimming again.

The red track: Light traces of blood on the toilet paper – make sure often hemorrhoids. A young woman plagues these problems. But then, a specialist on the track goes to search. And will find it.

Fatal house work: A woman suffers from a headache. The effects are slow and depressed. What spoils your mood in such a way? A Doctor finally finds the reason In your head is a time bomb ticking away.

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