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You can see in the Video: When the weather is warm, many French people drive on the beach to escape the Corona and regulations.

On the weekend, many French people went to the sea.

In Lacanau in the southwest of the country, the beaches are full.

The Tourist crowds make it difficult to regulate the observance of the distance.

Many tourists travel to the coast to escape the regulations.

Ernest, visited the beach with his daughter:

“In the Restaurant there is the mask of duty and so on. I can understand that. But on the beach you have to breathe fresh air! I come to the beach to have a rest, a breath of fresh air, before I have to return to work.

We need to look at all the people passing by, sometimes, but we do it for the Little one!“

Marie-Françoise, Local Resident:

Oh, we’re careful, Yes, we are careful. We watch them, but others are not. It all join or no need to.

Reporter: “on the beach, putting on a mask?”

Marie-Françoise: “Oh, no! No, we are in the fresh air. At least you can say that there is no danger in the fresh air.”

In public, enclosed spaces must be worn in France, now binding a protective mask. The new rules apply, among other things, also in cinemas, museums and fitness studios.

In France, a second wave of the Covid is feared, as in other countries-19 pandemic.

The authorities in France have warned before an increase in the Corona cases. Currently, the number of new infections is still on a low level.