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With the rising temperatures in the summer, diarrhea is a common Problem. For many cases of disease and bacteria such as Campylobacter or Salmonella, are responsible. The chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony explained, how to get the case back into the handle, and how to prevent it.

Occurs by case, more often than three Times per day, the need for action asked. In General: drink a Lot, to bring the fluid levels back into balance. In the local pharmacy electrolyte are also supplements to replace lost minerals. This is especially in the case of children, the elderly or immunocompromised patient is very important. Warning signs, such as dry lips, difficulty in swallowing, or problems with concentration suggest that the body fluid is missing.

In addition, products with active ingredients such as Tannin, Racecadotril or loperamide against the case. For this means a day is a maximum dose that must not be exceeded. Before children received medication, they should be parents by the pharmacist for advice.

Natüis it a natural helper in the case of diarrhoea

Grated Apple or carrot soup, the classic home remedies are when it comes to self-treatment in case of diarrhea. The Apple pectin binds excess of water and has a firming effect on the chair. The oligo-galacturonic acids, which are contained in carrots, which can bind the intestinal bacteria. You can no longer pin then so numerous in the intestinal cells. Beneficial volunteers are also leaves, teas with or neck stiffness, herb, BlackBerry, or black tea. Advantage: Who drinks much, contrary to controls is also a fluid deficit. Psyllium seed husks are recommended in case of diarrhea also. Your mucilage swells on contact with liquid, and thus excess water, the stool will be firmer again. Uzarawurzel as the juice from the pharmacy is already approved for use in children two years of age.

Diarrhea prevention: Hygiene is a Must

  • Meat, particularly poultry, must be cooked through, it is best to a core temperature of at least 70 degrees Celsius for ten minutes, pay attention.
  • An ideal breeding ground for Salmonella, also minced meat is. Here it is essential to the cold chain and in the summer the meatball sandwich with raw Hack, leave it out. This is especially true for small children, Pregnant women, the elderly or immune-weakened people, and no raw meat such as ground pork or Teewurst should be eating anyway best.
  • Countertops or boards that came with the raw meat in contact, not for Cutting other foods such as salad or fruit use.
  • Fruits, vegetables, and salad be washed before eating, thoroughly.
  • Before drinking tap water or ice cubes uses, you should leave it running for as long, until it comes to cooling from the line.
  • Finally, in-Depth, sufficiently long to wash your hands with soap and water should not only be in the summer, as a matter of course.

Occurs in addition to the diarrhea, a fever over 39 degrees Celsius, stop the complaints for more than three days, is accompanied by the discomfort associated with colic-like cramping, or bleeding, should be consulted a doctor.

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