What helps against hemorrhoids? The specialist says

All, delusion, in Spite of is hemorrhoids is not a disease – quite the opposite, because they have an important feature: The soft, well-perfused pads are located on the inner side of the anal canal and are used for fine completing. But what does that mean exactly? “While the sphincter holds back only the bowel movements, the hemorrhoids Back of liquids and gases,” explains Dr. med. Marcus Plonsker of the proctology Niendorf. The fine is disturbed by the conclusion, may swell, the vascular cushion and lead to physical ailments. Typical symptoms include an itchy or wet After. The anal skin can ignite this, so that when the stool is a burning feeling. Even more painful when the hemorrhoids are very large leak and rupture. “Bleeding is the consequence,” adds the proctologist. By then, Concerned the question, you can treat the symptoms quickly and effectively – and when you should seek medical attention. Here, too, Marcus Plonsker Council know.

How many people suffer from hemorrhoids?

Estimates of the result has to suffer every second adult at least once in his life a Hemorrhoid. A statistic that the evidence could not be there unfortunately. This is not true, however, for the gender distribution: on the Basis of the patients who have consulted a doctor, was raised in a study of men and women suffer equally often under the above-mentioned symptoms. However, the specialist suggested that a high level of underreporting exists, so that a different gender would be possible.

How can you treat the symptoms (self)?

The typical symptoms, such as itching or Burning, you can with over-the-counter hemorrhoid albums andsuppositories treat. These include stimulus-inflammatory plant compounds and local anesthetics. On wet toilet paper you should avoid, however, warns Plonsker: “The contained use of preservatives can promote the inflammation of the skin”. Another tip from him is that you take enough fluids and a high fiber diet should pay attention to. Because the fact is that hemorrhoids to swell often, or leakage, if the stool consistency is not regulated well. “To the chair regulation have, in addition to a amount of drinking at least two liters daily, fiber, and psyllium seed husks proven very worthwhile,” is his recommendation.

When should you consult a doctor?

First and foremost, typical of hemorrhoidal are dam uncomfortable, as they restrict the quality of life. “Some people feel the swelling, a slight feeling of pressure in the Anus,” the proctologist. “Sometimes swelling to make Hemorrhoidal also by a troublesome re-lubrication of the stool noticeable”. This can be, especially in the (working)life very annoying when you spend a lot of time in a Sitting position. Here is the question of when one should consult a doctor. Marcus Plonsker advises the following: “If light complaints among the self-treatment does not go away completely or recur again and again, is a medical examination appropriate. The cause of pain should be clarified.” This applies in particular then, if their hemorrhoidal be cause dam bleeding. “Even if it is “only” fresh blood, are bleeding an alarm signal and should be investigated in each case by a physician,” warns the proctologist explicitly.

If hemorrhoids occur during bowel movements, can you feel this also

What are the treatment options?

In addition to the use of over-the-counter products are hemorrhoidal swelling can be – depending on the size and tenacity – also otherwise treated. A common method is the sclerotherapy, is injected, in the case of special medication in the slightly swollen hemorrhoids, so that this ebbing again. “Because the hemorrhoids are located below the intestinal mucosa, where it has no touch sensitivity, such treatments are absolutely pain-free,” assured Plonsker. The hemorrhoidal swelling bigger, they can by means of a rubber band pictures of pain free treated. Surgery must, however, swelling in the case of advanced Hemorrhoidal. “These cases take up in the proctology practice, but only between ten and twenty percent,” adds the specialist. At the end of the suffering of the patient, of course, plays an important role in deciding whether surgery is necessary or not.

How to prevent hemorrhoidal to be certified?

In addition to a high-fibre diet and a healthy drinking behaviour also extend the theme of movement plays a big role, if you want to hemorrhoids prevent. Most important to your bowel movement, however, is: “The consistency should be soft, but be shaped so that you don’t need to press down hard,” explains Marcus Plonsker. Similarly, it is also important that you take while sufficient time for each visit to the toilet, but also not too long to sit should remain. “The toilet should be done after two to three minutes,” is the recommendation of the proctologist.

What foods contain a lot of fiber?

A fiber-rich diet is important for a healthy bowel movement

Most of the fiber is a substance found in plant foods. They are not only healthy, but also filling. But what is even more important, especially if you suffer from hemorrhoidal swelling, is that they stimulate digestion and constipation can prevent. Two important factors for a healthy intestinal flora, which has a significant influence on the bowel movement. Include foods that contain a lot of fiber, in addition to fruit and vegetables and also whole grain products, legumes and nuts. Virtually no dietary fiber of white flour containing products or white rice. For a better Overview, please find as follows a small nutrient table of foods rich in fiber, which contribute to a healthy diet:

So much for the theory. The question remains at the end is still open, how many fiber you need to take on the day? Here, too, there is a clear answer: According to the German society for nutrition e. V. an adult should take at least 30 grams of fiber per day. In reality, it is, however, that 75 percent of women and 68 percent of men are below the guideline value. Even more important is that you have to pay attention to a healthy diet, by enough fruit, vegetables and whole grain products to incorporate in your diet. This counter automatically diet-related diseases – such as, for example a hemorrhoid suffer or obesity, hypertension, and coronary heart disease. Your body will thank you for it in any case, one way or the other.

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