‘The Falcon and Winter the Soldier’ Director Just Debunked the ‘Queer Bucky’ Fan Theory

Despite numerous fan theories surfacing over Bucky Barnes’ possible bisexuality following The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the show’s director has sadly debunked the chatter.

Of course, LGBTQ+ fan theories about Sebastian Stan’s character have been doing the rounds for years, though one particular moment in the latest Disney+ series has led many to suggest that Marvel has confirmed the theories.

The scene in question sees Bucky note the strange pictures he is seeing on dating sites, including tiger photos – a trend that is generally more associated with men.

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However, speaking to Variety, director Kari Skogland admitted that a queer reading was not their intention.

“I think we just thought of it as an oddity of the times, because he’s so confused by it,” she said. “Because don’t forget, he’s 106 years old. So he’s just confused by the whole thing.”

Skogland further explained: “What we were really more trying to display was his complete lack of technical skills, as well as being part of any kind of community. He doesn’t fit. So that was I think more our intention there that try to point to any one particular affinity.”

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Alongside the tiger moment, fans have also noted the close physical bond between Bucky and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), though the director suggests fans shouldn’t read too much into that either.

“It’s really love, right?” she continued. “They love each other – at the end. They don’t love each other at the beginning, but they come to a friendship place where they love each other.

“So I’m not really sensitive to masculinity as any kind of barrier between that love, or how it should manifest. I’m completely fluid when it comes to any of that. So there’s no defined sexuality to any of it. So it’s, really, I think, just affection.”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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